James Emtage

Digital Producer, Director and Writer

I work in TV as a Producer and Director.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to up my writing game, and have in the past year started an attempt of an entertaining anecdotal blog of my sometime silly adventures. (www.james-emtage.tumblr.com)

I am also in love with Dutch bicycles, and ride around on one called Bob.
Facing My Taboo of

Facing My Taboo of STIs

We've all just got to get over this. In a society where access to medication and medical staff is freely available, it is not only our right to get ourselves checked out, but our duty.
05/12/2013 11:44 GMT
Bermondsey Street - A Restaurant

Bermondsey Street - A Restaurant Mecca

One pocket that's crying out for a dalliance is Bermondsey St., which hides away behind London Bridge. Its niche is its restaurants: it is so overflowing with a stunning and varied selection of eateries that it qualifies to be a foodie pocket of its own. Here are four of my fave.
04/11/2013 14:18 GMT
Sex, Drugs and Sushi

Sex, Drugs and Sushi Rolls

Ibiza is made up of extremes. Extreme hotels. Extreme DJ's. And extreme parties. But what the average Ibiza holidaymaker occasionally overlooks, is the extreme dining. Bambuddha offers just that: an extreme eating experience that needs a moment to consider.
05/09/2013 11:12 BST
Outside Dining - Before the End of

Outside Dining - Before the End of Summer

With the summer of sun still going strong, London is LOVING its alfresco dining at the mo. And with the long evenings just still dragging out and slowly merging into that golden Autumnal feel, it's time to make the most of eating outside, before the chill sets in for winter.
04/09/2013 11:53 BST
When Clubbing and Steaks

When Clubbing and Steaks Collide

There are few places in the world where high end steaks and high end clubbing go hand in hand. In theory, the combination shouldn't really work; steaks are heavy, filling and indulgent whereas clubbing requires a light, energetic approach to see you through.
02/08/2013 12:30 BST
Three Great Little Independent

Three Great Little Independent Munchers

Nice. Little. And independent. It's what I often crave from a meal out. There's something about the service, the attention to detail and the quality of the food that allows you to differentiate between a person who genuinely cares about their restaurant to a person who solely cares about their profit.
24/06/2013 11:24 BST
Three Things to Eat and Drink This

Three Things to Eat and Drink This Month

I found myself munching on a gull's egg this week. I wasn't planning on it, the situation just sort of arose and presented itself in my mouth. What's special about a gull's egg, you might be wondering. I was.
17/05/2013 09:59 BST
Why This Tuesday Is a Big Day for

Why This Tuesday Is a Big Day for TV

If you look closely on some news channels, like Sky News and Channel 4 News, you'll see the public are starting to contribute using their G+ profiles to join the news team's Hangout. They film themselves on their webcams and talk into the microphones on their laptops, whilst being streamed into a live TV programme.
12/03/2013 15:11 GMT
Should Every Young Person Be Made to Do an

Should Every Young Person Be Made to Do an Apprenticeship?

I didn't do an apprenticeship, but I did a close second, which was a trainee scheme offered by my first employer. Six months of constant mentoring and moving around different roles, learning how things ticked and why my efforts made a difference to both me, my colleagues and the company.
11/03/2013 15:27 GMT
Is Saying Thank You Considered

Is Saying Thank You Considered Rude?

One thing is for sure - saying thank you is a nice thing to do. It makes you feel good, and makes the receiver feel valued. We may not subscribe to the hand written parchments of old, with ruler straight lines and wafty words of gratitude penned from inky quills, but we do still subscribe to basics of liking to give and liking to be thanked.
20/01/2013 12:43 GMT
Buffet The Stomach

Buffet The Stomach Slayer

Why is it, that upon seeing a buffet, we completely disregard our life's worth of known food pairings and think that it is <em>absolutely</em> acceptable to mix and match without any consideration or consequence?
08/01/2013 13:09 GMT
Ramen: The Sex Drive

Ramen: The Sex Drive Cleanser?

I met a friend for dinner the other night. She told me she's been having too much sex and wants to cut back a bit. I asked her what too much was so she started to list them. It could have sounded a lot to some, but when it comes to sexual encounters one person's idea of a flood is another person's idea of a drought.
30/12/2012 16:42 GMT
MASH: The God of All Steak

MASH: The God of All Steak Houses?

For those living under a restaurant shaped rock, you will not have noticed the launch of possibly the largest steak house in London, <a href="http://www.mashsteak.dk/restaurants/london/" target="_hplink">MASH</a>, nestled inconspicuously on the corner of Brewer and Air St. in Soho.
21/11/2012 15:29 GMT
A Sausage on The

A Sausage on The Side?

In my honest opinion, a decent sausage is just about all a man needs in his mouth. And with the ever-increasing range in happy organic, hand reared, spoon-fed and sea salt scrubbed sausages on the market, now is the time to be side ordering yours.
11/11/2012 14:18 GMT
The Great Date Place Conundrum -

The Great Date Place Conundrum - Solved

I once took a second date to an album launch in a members club in Mayfair, only to find he could not be trusted around the surprise royal guest, finally being ejected by security for trying to 'touch' Prince Harry.
04/09/2012 14:02 BST
What the F*** Shall I Do With

What the F*** Shall I Do With Mother?

Up popped La Porte des Indes, a ridiculously delicious looking French influenced Indian tucked just behind Marble Ach, offering not only lunch but also a 90-minute Indian cooking demo from their Head Chef. Organised fun AND a lovely meal? This could have easily gone one of two ways.
11/06/2012 11:36 BST
The Making of a

The Making of a Monster

I'm not sure what it is about the motion of travelling, but I've recently come to realise that when I am in the process of getting myself from A to B, I turn in to a bit of a monster. And I think a lot of other people do too.
19/01/2012 11:15 GMT
Ditching the

Ditching the Detox

I'm not detoxing this year. In fact I'm happily tucking in to the cheeseboard that others now refuse. See, I kind of did my time in the world of detoxing a couple of summers ago, and we are talking serious detoxing here.
09/01/2012 13:56 GMT
The First Job

The First Job Fear

There is absolutely no shame in being shown around, and as one friend of mine found, it will soon enough prove essential. Three days in to the job he had still not been given a tour, and was asked to run something up to accounts. After two wrong turns he mistakenly walked through a drop lock door and found himself locked in the cleaners' cupboard.
26/11/2011 00:41 GMT