Jamie Andrews

Head of English and Drama, British Library

Jamie heads the English and Drama department at the British Library, and has non-executive and other collaborative experience in the cultural and Higher Education sectors. Jamie works on a number of digitisation and born-digital research projects, including a major collaborative European project on the First World War. His research interests include 20th Century drama and the History of Collecting, and recent publications include ‘A Cornelian Cold War?’, in Andrew Hammond (ed.), Cold War Literatures: Western, Eastern and Postcolonial Perspectives (London: Routledge, 2011), and ‘Harold Pinter’, in Steve Nicholson (ed.), The 1960s: Modern British Playwrighting: Voices, Documents, New Interpretations (London: Methuen, 2012).

In 2012, he was selected as a Fellow on the Clore Leadership Programme, established to develop cultural leaders across all art forms.
Remembering Beverly

Remembering Beverly Berger

When I first tried to contact John, it was Beverly who answered my emails. She set up an initial phone conversation with John, and then took the lead. Later the same year, I met Beverly and John in person at the LRB bookshop for a reading.
11/08/2014 14:31 BST
Literature Is a

Literature Is a Library

The great wonder of the British Library is that our vaults hold not only original literary texts, but the contextual materials that help today's readers place those works in the moment of their writing, and track responses to them over the years.
15/05/2014 19:24 BST
'Stress and the Strain': Personal Memories, National Narratives, and the First World

'Stress and the Strain': Personal Memories, National Narratives, and the First World War

My granddad died a year ago. We've been clearing out his papers. Like so many men of his generation (he was born in 1921), his early adult life was cut around the events of the Second World War. And, like many of his generation, his was not the first experience of war-service in the family. Amongst the papers he left, we also came across documents and letters about his own father's service in what became the First World War...
09/01/2014 11:49 GMT
The Music From the

The Music From the Balconies...

J.G. Ballard's papers were exhibited last year in the British Library's Writing Britain summer exhibition, part of the Cultural Olympiad, and are available to researchers in the Library.
12/09/2013 15:11 BST
Seascapes: Dark Paintings and

Seascapes: Dark Paintings and Poems

It is clear that the history of Britain has to a large extent been determined and nourished by its waterways, lakes, and surrounding seas. British literature has been no less powerfully shaped by images of these Waterlands.
25/10/2012 12:13 BST
John Berger: Art and Property

John Berger: Art and Property Now

Two weeks ago, strange coded messages hummed along the wires between the Inigo Rooms, King's College London's new exhibition space in Somerset House, and the British Library in St Pancras.
24/09/2012 12:30 BST
As Summer Finally Shows

As Summer Finally Shows Up

Summer finally shows up, London blazes under cloudless skies, and so what better time to evoke the enveloping embrace of that classic 'pea souper', the London fog?
30/07/2012 17:25 BST
You Can Tell the Olympics Are

You Can Tell the Olympics Are Coming

At the British Library, we were aware that summer 2012 demanded something special for our major exhibition programme. From the manuscript of <em>Beowulf</em>, to the notebooks of J. G. Ballard, the Library has the finest collection of English Literature in the world, and the opportunity to open up this literary treasure-house to visitors in 2012 seemed irresistible.
16/07/2012 17:17 BST