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Blogger, writer, producer

Jason Reed is a writer, blogger and film producer. Blogging for the Huffington Post since the launch of the UK edition, Jason has also written and guest blogged for Virgin, Politics.co.uk, The Independent, Sundog Pictures, London Real TV, has appeared on the BBC, Channel 4, Huffington Post Live, and is a resident contributor at VolteFace.me. He is Associate Producer to the Oscar longlisted film The Culture High. He is also a podcast host under Scroobius Pip's Distraction Pieces network.

Jason is the Executive Director of LEAP UK - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition UK.

All views expressed are Jason's own and do not represent that of any organisation.
Why We Absolutely Have to Talk About

Why We Absolutely Have to Talk About Drugs

Having worked on many projects, from organisations, writing outlets, films, I've seen just how inspired members of the public can be when faced with the cold realities of 'the drug war'. As soon as the realism of the issue is addressed - over the conceptual political soundbites - we begin the process of communal conversation.
22/04/2016 11:47 BST
A Tribute to Howard

A Tribute to Howard Marks

For whatever reason, Howard's death has affected me more than I thought it would. I've found my mind straying over towards him during this last day or so. I met Howard on a number of occasions and in many different settings.
19/04/2016 17:28 BST
Drugs and Addiction: It's Time for

Drugs and Addiction: It's Time for Impartiality

Isn't it about time we afforded society and all of its members the dignity of treating a possible dependency through professionalism and basic levels of understanding. We set ourselves up for a fall when we try to distinguish who's entitled to care based on the noun of what their problem may be. Addictions shouldn't be feared, but they should have default impartiality.
17/07/2015 11:38 BST
It's Time to Listen to Cannabis

It's Time to Listen to Cannabis Consumers

We have become confused and complacent with the drug policy discussion here in the UK. The media frenzy is, at best, frustrating, and at worst obfuscates with pernicious polarisation.
12/03/2015 17:53 GMT
We Need to Keep Talking About Drugs in

We Need to Keep Talking About Drugs in 2015

2014 was quite the year for drug policy. Whatever your thoughts regarding this global issue, the most important thing was that it really felt like people were talking about it - and more importantly - acting on those words... So much progress has been made, but more is still to be done.
08/01/2015 11:20 GMT
Ordinary Credible

Ordinary Credible Criminals

Norman Baker MP has taken the unprecedented step of calling for a rethink of the medicinal utilisation of cannabis. Never before has the UK spoken in such unbridled terms. The government, however, wasted no time in reaching for the stock reply: "We have no plans, *insert generic harm statement* we're winning the war on drugs...blah..." -
15/08/2014 13:10 BST
Why I'm Breaking Up With Star

Why I'm Breaking Up With Star Wars

So why am I not jumping up and down and screaming 'utinni'? Because I feel it's time I saw other people, explored other franchises, and travel to other systems. George, it's not you, it's me. I feel that Star Wars is no longer mine; it's no longer that innocent cult that organically gripped a generation's consciousness.
30/04/2014 15:16 BST
Russell Brand's Revolution - Let's Think About

Russell Brand's Revolution - Let's Think About It?

One thing's for sure, Brand has managed to get the county talking, and that's a political bullseye in itself. It seems it takes a rather large hammer to crack the apathetic nut that is UK politics, and this proves Russell's point as to why there's a very real and ingrained reason that we're swaddled in political apathy. We are creaking under the laden weight of a benign democracy.
30/10/2013 17:59 GMT
Seattle Hempfest and V-Festival - A Tale of Two

Seattle Hempfest and V-Festival - A Tale of Two Cities

When we address what drug law reforms mean in real terms, we can use this as a case in point. Seattle are in process of a rational, humane, affable conversation of responsibility, compared with that of V-Festival who are flailing in the wind and are arguably operating outside the laws that we do actually have.
21/08/2013 17:00 BST
The Politics of Cannabis

The Politics of Cannabis Psychosis

It has become an indelible etching on the national psyche; cannabis and psychosis dovetail like fish and chips. The impact of cannabis on the mind has been well documented in the British press, but it remains an unfortunate muddle as the link is as far from clear as one is led to believe.
17/07/2013 12:05 BST
Support, Don't Punish, on 'World Drug

Support, Don't Punish, on 'World Drug Day'

As the UN celebrated the rather insidious International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, a day that has in the past been malevolently marked by executions, a counter voice resonated across the globe thanks to the Support Don't Punish campaign.
27/06/2013 11:01 BST
Skunk Cannabis and Dad-Dancing in Drug

Skunk Cannabis and Dad-Dancing in Drug Policy

Oh good, the obligatory news has broken that 'Super Strength Skunk' has invaded the isles and is wreaking havoc on UK shores. For those that work in drug policy, this story is similar to May Day: it comes round annually and leads to all kinds of pageantry - complete with bell ringing and the clashing of batons in a calamitous Morris-style jig.
14/06/2013 11:05 BST
The Conversation - Professor Nutt on Cannabis and

The Conversation - Professor Nutt on Cannabis and Psychedelics

David Nutt, Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London and Chair of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs, has eloquently criticised the 'scientific censorship' imposed by the UN single conventions that restricts and chokes the study of controlled substances such as cannabis, MDMA and psilocybin in medicine.
12/06/2013 12:21 BST