Jessica Brown

Lifestyle journalist and blogger

I am a freelance lifestyle journalist and blogger. Also a new mum to a very giggly baby girl. My blog includes travel adventures, health and beauty tips, parenting advice, celebrity interviews, mum moments, wedding tips and my life in general.

I've recently moved to Solihull from London where I was the Showbiz Editor at the Daily Star newspaper. During my six years at the paper I lorded around celebrity parties in the UK, LA, Cannes and beyond interviewing those famous folk. Now as a freelance writer I write for The Sun, Daily Mirror, Express, OK!, Glamour, Yahoo!, Wedding Ideas, Mother & Baby, Woman.

I am also a Blog Editor at and you can find me on Instagram @alannahsdiary

An Easy And Luxurious Way To Travel With Kids

We have a baby and a toddler (nine months old and two years old) so telling friends "we're going away for the weekend, staying in a hotel", usually results in them commenting, "oh nice, that'll be interesting." And what they mean by "interesting" is a pain in the arse.
10/03/2017 11:58 GMT

Baby Sign Language - Yes or No?

I started chatting to other mums about baby signing, it really appealed to me as I listened to stories of how they communicate with their babies/ toddlers. The idea of being able to understand (even on a very basic level) what my daughter needs/ wants excited me.
02/10/2015 10:55 BST

The Truth About Bank Holidays With Kids

The hey-days of all night parties and boozy lunches that roll until midnight are a hazy memory. Bank holiday weekends with kids is a whole new level of stamina. If you're impressed you can rave til dawn the baby all-nighter is going to push you to the edge...and then some.
03/09/2015 11:48 BST

How to Rescue Your New Mum Sex Life

Endless research claims having a baby ruins your love life. It may be temporary but post-childbirth you ain't gonna feel at your sexual peak. Scientific boffs reveal mums are worn out (yep), a few pounds over weight (sob) and stuck in a 'bed is for catching up on sleep' rut (hell yeah).
19/08/2015 10:34 BST

16 Things All New Mums Should Know

Nothing can really prepare you for becoming a parent, books don't give you the low down on what really goes on. You get a whole new identity, a new name, a new body (yeah, thanks for that) and you just have to deal with it.
12/08/2015 15:48 BST

Dordogne Daydreaming - 10 Reasons to Go!

The villages (most hilltop) dotted around the Dordogne are visually striking La Roque-Gageac and Domme are both listed as 'the most beautiful villages in France' and it's instantly obvious why.
03/08/2015 13:12 BST

Twenty Ways You Know You're a First Time Mum...

You've started to talk in code to your ‎partner when discussing dirty nappies. "A five-wiper or more?", "Curry or Marmite?". Never has the discussion of poop interested you so much.
15/06/2015 20:19 BST