Jessie Ace

Writer, illustrator and host of the DISabled to ENabled podcast

Jessie Ace is host of the DISabled to ENabled podcast. A podcast that aims to inspire people living with chronic illness. She’s interviewed everyone from Paralympians, radio DJs, chronic illness bloggers, and marathon runners. She’s also a writer and illustrator for the biggest MS charities worldwide such as the multiple sclerosis today, National MS Society, MS Society UK, shift.MS, MS-UK amongst others and she has also written articles and illustrated for Momentum magazine, MS Matters and New Pathways. Jessie was diagnosed with MS at 22 years old and says MS makes her feel blessed every day because it has enabled her to meet many amazing people. Her own experience of being newly diagnosed so young was negative and scary - she wants to change this for other young people diagnosed. Jessie is also determined to show what is possible including running a business making 7 figures and providing paid work for others with chronic illnesses in the process.

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