John Beeby

Science-based fitness for life-long results

Whilst representing his country in Taekwondo at a national, European and international level, British athlete John Beeby found he could overcome physically superior opponents using in-ring psychology.

Once he hung up his black belt, John went back to school to formalise his natural aptitude for psychology, and sharpen his knowledge in the scientific side of sport.

An experienced sportsman, a medal winner, and an academic authority in science-based fitness, John is acutely aware of how a person's mental, physical and emotional readiness and well-being can interact to enhance – or impede – one’s overall fitness.

He spends his day-to-day training private clients – including athletes, sport stars and celebrities – in safe and sustainable fitness techniques for mind and body, often debunking the industry's harmful quick-fix myths.

Also trained in many niche areas of fitness, such as pre and post-natal exercise and health, John regularly writes and advises those who want to stay safely fit and healthy in the face of life’s trials and phases.
Should I Take Protein

Should I Take Protein Supplements?

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The Kardashians Can Help Your New Year's Resolutions

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