Kanada Elizabeth Gorla

leadership & transformational change catalyst

Kanada Elizabeth Gorla is a leadership and transformational change consultant, group facilitator and coach. Her core work is releasing people's innate genius, launching young people powerfully into the world, developing leaders and change makers, and contributing whatever she can to the creation of human cultures 'worth coming home to'.

She runs her own social business Shine and is a longtime Associate with Embercombe , working with people of all ages & walks of life - from social entrepreneurs to CEOs, from community groups to top teams.

Kanada began consulting in 1995 with Pathways Spirit in Business (then a leading UK consultancy and now integrated in the Embercombe enterprise) with the remit of bringing together creative creative processes with nature immersion as a methodology for individual, team and organisational transformation.

Her training ground for this work was 12 years working as a community arts animateur, directing opera & theatre, teaching improvisation and coaching actors, singers and musicians.

Today her work encompasses values-led leadership, culture change, group facilitation, wellbeing and resilience, and environmental and social justice.

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