Kate Harrad

Fausterella. Selling my soul to go to the ball

Kate Harrad is a novelist, feminist and parent. Topics include feminism and social politics, parenting pitfalls, entertainingly silly religious things, reviews, genderswitching the classics, pop culture (especially musicals), comments on the news, and interesting links. It's not exactly a themed blog.

Kate is London-based and writes this blog in between working for the
NHS, looking after two children, writing her second novel and trying
to see her friends occasionally. She feels her life would be
significantly easier to manage if she could sleep while doing some or
all of the above.

Her novel, All Lies and Jest, is also London-based. It's a
counter-culture comic thriller featuring people who think they're
vampires, people who think they're Christians, people who think
they're Christian vampires, and people who think all the above people
are rather silly. And several cults. And a fetish club. And, in a
minor role, a were-mosquito.