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I am a writer and editor, currently responsible for crafting communications for Amoena's global marketing teams.
Girl Talk: Get The Breast Cancer Info You

Girl Talk: Get The Breast Cancer Info You Need

When diagnosed with breast cancer, it's crucial that women are given the information they need to select the treatment option that's right for them. Too often, women feel pressured, afraid and ill-informed.
13/10/2017 12:16 BST
Smooth Moves: Three Easy Yoga Poses To

Smooth Moves: Three Easy Yoga Poses To Try

Maintaining mobility after breast cancer treatment is important, and a little yoga is a great way to get started. Yoga poses that are gentle and safe for everyone are the ideal way to maintain mobility - no matter what your level of fitness.
26/07/2017 12:13 BST
Easy Ways To Eat Healthier

Easy Ways To Eat Healthier Post-Treatment

<strong>Remember</strong>: there's no scientifically proven food or diet that can cure or prevent cancer. However, there are foods that promote overall health and others that should be minimized or eliminated from your diet.
18/05/2017 11:26 BST
Comfort During

Comfort During Radiation

Your personal radiation treatments will be based on careful review of your pathology information that will identify the type of breast cancer, size of the cancer, location and other prognostic information that will help your medical team plan your care.
15/05/2017 13:39 BST
Lumpectomy, Bras And Inserts: What You Should

Lumpectomy, Bras And Inserts: What You Should Know

You've probably seen them in the lingerie sections of department stores, on a display of lingerie accessories. Sometimes they're called chicken cutlets, chicken fillets, bra inserts, push-ups, gel pads, breast enhancers, shapers, or partials. But what are they for, exactly?
16/03/2017 13:56 GMT
Evidence Says Exercise Lowers Your Risk Of

Evidence Says Exercise Lowers Your Risk Of Cancer

It's safe to say that society has accepted the body-mind-spirit connection, especially in times of stress and illness. Research is firmly behind the idea that one of the keys to all three is to take care of the first: the body. Scientists are now trying to determine specific ways that exercise improves the risks associated with cancer- before, during and after diagnosis.
10/03/2017 11:29 GMT
Swimming After A

Swimming After A Mastectomy

Because it's so gentle, swimming after breast surgery is an excellent way to exercise all your major muscle groups and avoid muscular atrophy that's sometimes seen in post-surgical patients who remain sedentary for prolonged periods. W
23/02/2017 14:45 GMT
Breast Cancer Jargon,

Breast Cancer Jargon, Explained

If you or a loved one have just received news that breast cancer is now part of your lives, you might find yourself looking for answers while dealing with big emotions. You might also find that breast cancer jargon feels like a foreign language course you didn't sign up for.
30/11/2016 13:46 GMT
Dating After Breast Cancer: How Do I Tell

Dating After Breast Cancer: How Do I Tell Him?

The dating scene can be daunting for any single woman, but for a single woman dealing with breast cancer, it can be downright intimidating. Is the first date too soon to bring up the subject of breast cancer? What exactly should you say?
21/10/2016 15:25 BST