Lekia Lée

Empowerment speaker, event host, image activist and promoter of diversity and equality.

Lekia is a former broadcast journalist turned image activist and empowerment speaker. She founded the Project Embrace Billboard Campaign, part of Total Embrace CIC, to champion diversity and promote the inclusion and visibility of natural black women in media and advertising.

She is the mother of one daughter, loves swimming and eating but not cooking.

Grazia Removing Lupita Nyong'o's Hair Is Not Just Dumb, It's Dangerous

Dangerous because after many, many decades of afro hair being discriminated against and maligned, the social stigma around natural hair is still very much alive, with many young children being penalised or punished for having their natural hair style in school, and many employees being made to feel they have to change their hair texture to be and/or remain employed.
11/11/2017 15:47 GMT

Campaign To Dismantle Narrow Beauty Standards

<img alt="banner" src="http://i.huffpost.com/gen/3953620/original.jpg" width="300" height="35" /> The problem is not that we appreciate beauty but that the definition of beauty is so narrow, too narrow to include afro textured hair, so while society is waking up to the damaging effects of its narrow definition of beauty, advocating for body acceptance, even skin colour acceptance, hair discrimination still goes largely unopposed.
19/02/2017 17:27 GMT