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Liz Kendall

Labour MP for Leicester West

Labour MP for Leicester West

We Must Build Bridges, Not Issue Threats, To Get The Best Deal On Brexit

I am under no illusions. I know from my own constituency that many people voted to leave the EU in order to control immigration. But the Hard Brexit which the Prime Minister now champions will not solve the problems my constituents or the economy face, and in reality risks making them far worse.
18/01/2017 16:08 GMT

Labour Must Oppose Osborne's Inheritance Tax Cut

You couldn't make it up. A Chancellor who is happy to see those with the least income lose most, yet with the same stroke of his pen, gives those who are already fortunate in life another bung. You wonder why, during these straightened times, this could possibly be a priority... This inheritance tax cut is wrong, not just because we can't afford it, but also because it does absolutely nothing to give those children least likely to succeed a fair crack of the whip. The Labour party I will lead would never support such a decision, and I'm calling on Labour to table relevant amendments to the finance bill to make this clear.
14/07/2015 09:27 BST

Labour Must Stand Up for Workers and Make the Case for a Decent Public Sector Pay Rise

It is time for Labour to stand up for the millions of people in our vital public services who have endured year after year of severe wage restraint and often felt they did not have an effective voice in parliament to fight their corner. It is not just a basic sense of fairness that should lead us to commit to finding savings so we can pay nurses, teachers and other public sector workers more. Rewarding and incentivising our public servants is also essential if they are to be effective partners in the drive to make sure services can change to meet the demands that will be placed on them in the years ahead.
10/07/2015 10:42 BST

Under My Leadership, Labour Will Open the Space to Rebuild and Renew the Union Movement

A strong role for trade unions in the 21st Century is essential, and as a proud trade unionist I will fight to my last breath to defend the existence of effective, free and independent trade unions... The Labour Party and the trade union movement once again face big challenges together. To re-establish our relevance, reflect the era in which we live and fight for our values in unforgiving times. These are battles that, I as a lifelong Trade unionist and as a Labour woman will relish. And it's a battle that Labour and the trade unions can win together.
09/06/2015 10:47 BST