Lizzie Horgan

When health did a 180, I started a blog from bed. (It's not as boring as it sounds. Promise.)

25 years old and enjoying life at 110mph. I rushed everywhere. But oh man, did I love it.

And so did my friends too; all of us with so much to do. Careers, commutes, flat shares, family, gym memberships, travel plans. Adventures ahead. Rush, rush, rush.

Until an unexpected onset of ME/CFS hit me out of the blue, and derailed my everyday life as I knew it.

And then I got a bit fed up with being told about my new limited lifestyle. So Beyond110 was born.

I’m sharing my journey and all that I’m learning, as I discover life beyond living it at the old 110mph. I’m no expert, but my aim is to help brighten someone else’s day. And to get ME recognised as a hot health topic.

If you’d like to get in contact, then please do send me a few (preferably nice) words at