Lucy Hedges

Multimedia Editor for Stuff Magazine and and Presenter of The Hub at Gadget Show Live

Lucy Hedges began her career in technology six years ago writing about toys and robots, paving the way for a job as editorial assistant for gadget website Shiny Shiny. While aimed predominantly at women, content didn't differ drastically from its rivals - apart from the occasional (and unnecessary) pink paint job and presence of a 'Naughty Toys' tab. Unbeknown to her at the time Lucy Hedges' tech obsession began back in the early 90s when waking up in the middle of the night for SNES marathons with her siblings was considered normal. Now, in her latest role as Multimedia Editor for Stuff and Lucy gets to fondle the latest consumer tech and shout about it to the world (read: whoever will listen) with words and video. You might occasionally find Lucy talking on various media platforms about the latest tech and lending her gadget expertise - the latest being BBC 6Music's weekly Tech Know How with Lauren Lavern. Ever the mobile enthusiast, Lucy is rarely seen without her iPhone 5 and shows an equal addiction to brain-shattering bass. Most importantly, Lucy loves disproving the gender assumption that girls are not as gadget-savvy as the boys.

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