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Ms Tammam

Sustainable couturier to the stars

Artist, Fashion designer, sustainability expert, activist. An innovator of Eco-Couture, Ms Tammam has spent years researching and developing fully monitored ethical supply chains which track the whole process of creation from fibre to finishing to ensure sustainability, ethical standards for workers and cruelty free production. A Fashion alumna of London's prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Tammam has showcased internationally both as a fashion designer and as a textiles artist. The Tammam atelier in Bloomsbury offers unique custom made gowns and traditional services, connecting consumers with creators. Tammam's work crosses over fashion and art. Working with traditional artisanal couture techniques and creating both wearable collections and avant-garde pieces. Her recent One Dress project encompasses a love of couture craftsmanship along with feminist activist art and a desire to bring women across the world together. Ms Tammam is artistic director for feminist charity FiLiA.
Saving The World In Style, For 10

Saving The World In Style, For 10 Years

It's been 10 years of developing sustainable supply chains, building relationships with incredible artisans around the world, opening a studio and boutique showroom in Bloomsbury, dressing celebrities, hundreds of patterns, hour upon hour of stitching, cutting, ironing, marketing, photo shoots, selling, networking, bookkeeping, signing contracts, advising, teaching, training, putting on shows...
08/10/2017 19:18 BST


<img alt="all women everywhere" src="" width="300" height="35" /> This may be one of the reasons why the main thing I took away from the most recent fashion week, wasn't a key trend or colour, but that the industry just creates too much. Watching catwalk shows of design, after design, after design streaming past - each garment with it's own value and beauty, yet lost in the sheer volume of other pieces around it. It became boring, pointless, emotionless, saturated.
08/03/2017 14:06 GMT
Join the

Join the Revolution!

The industry is changing, slowly, and at last consumers are starting to demand change - especially through glorious campaigns like #FashRev and #WhoMadeYourClothes. Really the only way to change the big bad industry is to talk through our purses. If we all start to consume more ethically, and less, then big businesses will have to take notice.
20/04/2016 12:17 BST
Fashion, Art and

Fashion, Art and Sustainability

With the end of Fair Fashion Month, our ethical fashion campaign with Fairphone came the judging for A Sustainable World 2016 - our annual Art competition which attracts applicants from across the world. I was honoured to be joined on the judging panel by my current collaborator from across the pond, renowned vegan artist Dana Ellyn, and London's King of conceptual art Duggie Fields.
21/03/2016 12:47 GMT
Fair Fashion Month; An Indie Alternative to London Fashion

Fair Fashion Month; An Indie Alternative to London Fashion Week

As is so à la mode right now, Tammam stopped doing ahead of season fashion shows a few years ago. (Come on Fashion Industry, keep up with the indies.... they'll all be going sustainable next, you'll see... oh wait - they are? (At last!) ... No hang on, just because your catwalk is made of grass it doesn't make you eco...).
19/02/2016 13:59 GMT
How to Buy

How to Buy Better

The fast fashion high street can F off. Here is my guide to getting all the clothes you need, with what ever budget you have and not screwing over the planet and people (all be it ones you don't have to see or think about) in the process.
03/11/2015 17:20 GMT
Fashion and

Fashion and Feminism

As a designer whose art is made to be worn by women, I often wonder how the frivolous world of fashion can be considered in any way feminist. Rife with disadvantages for women - from body image issues, to enforced labour, to over-sexualised ad campaigns...
08/10/2015 15:59 BST
The (Sustainable) Future of London Fashion

The (Sustainable) Future of London Fashion Week

It's that time of the season again, when we don our (vegan) high heels, make sure every hair is perfectly in place, apply an extra layer of (organic) slap and head over to the crazy world that is London Fashion Week.
10/09/2015 17:36 BST