Marina Gask

Communications expert. Journalist, magazine editor, copywriter, blog coach & press consultant, advising business owners on press coverage strategy

Marina Gask is a communications expert. A journalist, copywriter, blog coach and press consultant, she advises business owners on press USP and strategy. A former magazine editor who headed up More!, Top Sante and Sugar Magazine and was launch editor of John Lewis Edition, Marina's an expert at helping entrepreneurs think like an editor so they find their press niche. For your communications - blogs, newsletters, web content etc - she has a flair for finding the right written 'voice' to connect with your customers. A consultant editor for Hearst Empowering Women, Marina continues to write features for glossies, dailies and a variety of digital sites. Go to
No One Likes To Be Considered Replaceable - Least Of All New

No One Likes To Be Considered Replaceable - Least Of All New Mums

I went off on maternity leave a mess of insecurities. The interim editor was a brilliant journalist, and at the time unencumbered with inconvenient children - as I was about to be. What if she turned out to be better than me, or more popular? What if the circulation figures went up - what if they gave her my job?
13/03/2017 15:20 GMT
Entrepreneurial Blurb: The Perils Of Badly Explaining Your

Entrepreneurial Blurb: The Perils Of Badly Explaining Your Profession

I recently saw a social media challenge to explain your profession as badly as possible, with the idea that people have to guess what you do just from reading the description. So a personal trainer's description would be "I make 'eat less, move more' really complicated." And a DJ would be 'I manipulate sound waves so that people twitch and ingest ethanol'. Descriptions that make your profession a bit tougher to fathom. And it occurred to me that this is a game I've played before. Only it wasn't a game.
19/01/2017 12:26 GMT
Can You Shock Yourself Out of A Bad

Can You Shock Yourself Out of A Bad Habit?

An American firm has come up with a wristband that jolts people into giving up bad habits. You just pick the behaviour you wish to prevent and choose the punishment - the wristband does the rest. Buzzes in your ear, demands a financial forfeit or even gives you a mild electric shock.
27/02/2015 11:24 GMT
Can Your Career Survive

Can Your Career Survive Motherhood?

Depressingly - yet perhaps inevitably - recent research by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) found that half of women believe that having a baby poses such a risk to their career that they would consider remaining childless.
23/01/2015 11:22 GMT
Could Work Stress Give You a Heart

Could Work Stress Give You a Heart Attack?

If you work 24.7 and never switch off your mobile, or you're a busy exec who's always on call or in a different time zone, and you're unfit and overweight, you're a prime candidate for stress-related heart issues as your arteries are likely to be clogged.
15/01/2015 15:34 GMT
The Loneliness of the

The Loneliness of the Self-Employed

Talking to a friend at a networking event the other day, I asked what drove her to pay the hefty fee required to join the business group she belongs to. Referrals? Connections? Adding a few business cards to an already teetering pile? None of these.
19/11/2014 16:11 GMT
Can You Baby-Proof Your

Can You Baby-Proof Your Career?

Caroline is passionate about empowering women to make themselves vital to their employers and their industry, so they don't end up getting sidelined on returning to work. "I help women look at how they can build their career and prove their worth long before they get pregnant so that any employer would give their right arm to keep them, even on a flexible basis.
29/09/2014 13:17 BST
On Women and Getting Taken Seriously in the

On Women and Getting Taken Seriously in the Workplace

Why can't excellent women progress in their careers in proportion to their talent? Every day, it seems, a new factor is blamed. We're too apologetic and indecisive. Or self-deprecating and cute. We lack confidence in the company of alpha males. We can't crack the 'boys club' mentality in the boardroom. Some of us over-compensate and play it super-tough or 'bossy'. What's best?
04/09/2014 14:11 BST
How To Bring About a Mid-Life Career

How To Bring About a Mid-Life Career Change

It's not enough to be ambitious and driven. Having your very own group of cheerleaders is vital if you want to bring about a radical career change or launch a business.
01/05/2014 14:22 BST