Mark Mills

One of the UK's foremost business brokers, and founder of Activate. /

Mark Mills is one of Britain’s foremost business brokers and founder of Activate and . Activate is an organisation dedicated to helping business owners who want to sell their companies, but are unsure how to achieve the maximum value for them.​​

Mark has established himself as a serial entrepreneur who can build businesses, increase profitability and broker the sale of any business. He has a proven track record of being an elite business broker than can sell any business.

As one of the UK's leading entrepreneurs himself, Mark Mills has sold many companies including Cardpoint, a company he founded in 2000. When Mark sold his stake in 2006, Cardpoint was valued at £170 million.

Over the past few years, Mark has developed techniques and strategies to help business owners get the best deal for both themselves and their businesses.

Mark continues to lend his expertise as a non-executive chairman of various British companies. He has also written a book called Natural Born Entrepreneur, outlining his ten rules for success. Mark is also an expert speaker, addressing audiences across the world on issues of business and leadership.

Through his varied experiences, Mark is well versed to comment on subjects such as how to sell your business for the best price, how to find the hidden value in your business and how to look after your stakeholders.