Mary Banham-Hall

Family lawyer and mediator

Mary Banham-Hall has been a family lawyer and mediator for more than three decades. She was one of the first ‘collaborative’ lawyers in the UK. In 1999 she set up her mediation firm, Focus Mediation, which she still heads.

Why Failure Is An Essential Ingredient Of Success

Successful people are usually well acquainted with failure. This is simply because successful people are triers, experimenters, optimists and they don't give up easily. They're not afraid of being first, of falling flat on their faces, making people laugh or crow.
13/06/2017 11:12 BST

Learning To Listen To One Another

My cajoling didn't work with my son, but losing my temper made the situation a million times worse. What did I expect? My son could not see I was upset or angry and stop and rationalise his fears about school, he was far too agitated himself.
18/11/2016 11:21 GMT

A Few Thoughts About Divorce And Children: A Picture Speaks Louder Than Words

Parents have to find a way to discuss these and other parentings issues and protect their children from acrimony and avoidable hurt and loss. Mediation creates a safe and neutral place for these conversations to take place. Furthermore, the mediator is highly trained and experienced in facilitating their much needed conversations and can help with formulating new boundaries and ways of communicating and planning that work.
09/11/2016 12:56 GMT

Mediation or Solicitors? Which Is the Best for a Fast, Cost-Effective Divorce?

If you are thinking about a divorce, your head will be full of worries about the future. Will you be able to afford two households? Who gets what? And how on earth do you "share the children"? The last thing you want is uncertainty about the divorce procedure. Do you instruct a solicitor or do you come to a mediator? Here is a brief overview of the best possible use of both since the two approaches complement each other.
23/06/2016 12:28 BST

The Emotional Journey of Divorce: From Anger and Anxiety to Acceptance and Moving On

Everything can be sorted out, agreed and put behind you, you can move on from the conflict of the past and through dialogue and bargaining to acceptance and to a new and brighter future. You will have come up the other side of the rollercoaster and will be able to look back with relief on the journey you have accomplished - and be glad it is behind you.
16/05/2016 12:43 BST

Blame and Divorce

On the grieving cycle following death, loss or divorce, after the first shock and denial, people become angry and blaming, they may get depressed as they gradually detach from the other person and old life. Only then are they ready to move to dialogue and bargaining to sort everything out. Finally they will reach acceptance of the new life and be able to move on.
23/03/2016 10:56 GMT