Mat Greenfield

Software developer, tech writer

My interest in technology was first sparked when I managed to build a working tablet computer with nothing more than an Etch-a-Sketch, a teaspoon and a liberal interpretation of the word "working". Since then, I've been an avid follower of tech news and will take any opportunity (however slight) to give an opinion on it, because who ever heard of an opinionated computer geek?
Where's the Fair

Where's the Fair Use?

Online video has proven to be one of the Internet's most disruptive frontier's, shaking the ground beneath the feet of Hollywood and television more than any other. It's taken the power of publicity away from marketing execs and carefully-controlled promotional work and allowed honest opinions to be heard.
18/02/2016 13:23 GMT
YouTube Red Is Google Taking Back Power in Online

YouTube Red Is Google Taking Back Power in Online Video

Last week saw a red letter day for YouTube, finally unveiling its long-rumoured subscription service: YouTube Red. In the process, it risked alienating video creators, dealt a blow to Internet advertising and made a bold move to ensure its future relevance in online media.
26/10/2015 11:52 GMT
What to Expect in the Apple Watch

What to Expect in the Apple Watch 2

Given the years of hype around the idea of their smartwatch, it would have been all too easy for Apple to just stick a sixth-generation iPod Nano on an overpriced wrist strap and be done with it. Instead, the Cupertino-based company has given its Apple Watch a nifty way of gliding through menus, a healthy slew of supported apps and crammed it with more sensors than a North Korean game show.
15/09/2014 14:08 BST
We Need a Low-Cost Smartwatch to Give Wearable Tech a

We Need a Low-Cost Smartwatch to Give Wearable Tech a Kick-Start

Low-cost 'feature' smartwatches, supporting only functions baked in by the manufacturer and lacking flashy designs, may be the push needed to help smartwatches go mainstream. Without it, the market might remain limp-wristed for a long time to come.
09/09/2014 14:57 BST
301+ Interviews: Lindsey

301+ Interviews: Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is a violinist and dancer on YouTube who manages to do both with tremendous flair. "It is extremely difficult to dance and play but I wanted to have fun while I played... I wanted to entertain and add fun theatricality and energy to my performance rather than just impress."
26/08/2014 14:28 BST
301+ Interviews: Nostalgia

301+ Interviews: Nostalgia Critic

Why is Hollywood fixated on turning everything from the childhood of twenty and thirty somethings into a movie franchise? Because we love nostalgia! Nobody knows that better than Doug Walker, also known as the Nostalgia Critic, who writes and hosts a web series scrutinising the treasures of our youth with comically brutal honesty.
20/08/2014 15:24 BST
301+ Interviews: Doctor

301+ Interviews: Doctor Puppet

Doctor Puppet is a series of stop motion animated shorts featuring characters and concepts from the sci-fi series ... "We are working on episode 6 and it will premiere at the end of August. We're actually doing something really different and exciting".
14/07/2014 14:45 BST
301+ Interviews: Brock

301+ Interviews: Brock Baker

"I started dubbing this 'Friday' video, made her sound like Christopher Walken and finished about two hours later. I was originally going to dub the whole thing but got bored with it so I added them driving off a cliff." ... The video accumulated over 30 million views in the days following its release and has been watched more than 43 million times as of July 2014.
08/07/2014 15:29 BST
301+ Interviews: Geek Crash

301+ Interviews: Geek Crash Course

The geek shall inherit the Earth, but for now we just dominate popular entertainment. In a world where properties in traditionally "geek" genres have become the heart of billion-dollar franchises, spanning multiple interconnecting mediums and calling back to decades-old source material, it can be hard for new fans to catch up...
30/06/2014 13:32 BST
301+ Interviews: Thug

301+ Interviews: Thug Notes

"Every day we get messages from fans telling us our videos have given them a heightened understanding of the books we cover. It's really encouraging to hear." As well as giving a new perspective on the books being discussed, the unique format of the show seems to have struck a chord with viewers as well.
17/06/2014 15:39 BST
Project Ara: Would You Buy a DIY

Project Ara: Would You Buy a DIY Smartphone?

The logic behind Project Ara is pretty solid when you consider how fragile the current crop of smartphones are. A poll by last year suggests that 25% of iPhone owners continue to use their device with a broken screen, reasoning that they couldn't afford to replace it or were unable to easily repair it.
05/05/2014 18:17 BST
Disney Has Created a Robot Army (and They're

Disney Has Created a Robot Army (and They're Adorable)

Each Pixelbot manoeuvres around a surface on two magnetic wheels, altering its position and colour to act as one pixel in a larger image. Disney Research has developed algorithms based on swarm robotics, which allows the emergence of group behaviour through the actions of individual agents.
21/04/2014 16:18 BST
Wearable Tech at CES

Wearable Tech at CES 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show (better known as CES) is an ideal place to take the pulse of technology for the coming year. Last week's event in Las Vegas could have taken that pulse with a wrist-worn fitness monitor as wearable technology dominated proceedings.
14/01/2014 10:37 GMT
We Shouldn't View Sherlock as an Autistic

We Shouldn't View Sherlock as an Autistic Savant

The fictional consulting detective can never be conclusively diagnosed but an increasing number of people seem to take it as read that he's autistic, even those who should know better.
07/01/2014 11:25 GMT
It's a Wonderful (Post-Uni)

It's a Wonderful (Post-Uni) Life?

It's the end of the year, Class of 2013 - that is, now that the year ends at the close of December rather than some arbitrary day in July - and that can only mean Christmas. But you have an extra reason to celebrate: you've survived your first six months out of Uni!
20/12/2013 11:12 GMT