Matt Potter

Journalist, presenter and author of non-fiction bestsellers 'Outlaws Inc: Flying with the world's most dangerous smugglers' (Pan MacMillan/Bloomsbury) & 'F**k You & Goodbye: The Dark & Hilarious History of the Resignation' (Little, Brown)

Matt Potter is a journalist, broadcaster, and author of Outlaws Inc: Flying With The World's Most Dangerous Smugglers (Pan Macmillan/Bloomsbury). He has reported for BBC Radio from Eastern Europe, Afghanistan and Southeast Asia, written for the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Jack, Maxim, Men's Journal & the Sabotage Times, and written travel guides for the BBC. His reports on cocaine trafficking in Latin America have been published in Russian, German and English. As a journalist in Belgrade, he broke the story of the NATO ‘spy’ giving away secrets to Serb forces on the web. His first internationally published book, Outlaws Inc draws on his first-hand experience of the biggest smuggling network in history, from its formation in post-Soviet Russia to its influence on today's global trouble spots, from Colombia and Somalia to Afghanistan and Angola.

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