Mohammed Ansar

Political and Social Commentator

Mohammed is a political and social commentator regularly appearing on television and radio.

You can find him on Twitter (@MoAnsar), Facebook (MohammedAnsarUK) or contact him via his personal site.

He is a public speaker and visiting lecturer on Islamophobia, Islam in contemporary Britain and theology. Mohammed has worked on a local and national level tackling extremism and delivering programs on strategic communications and community engagement. A civil rights activist and legal advocate, he works across a variety of sectors in the fields of education, equalities and interfaith.

​Mohammed has appeared on BBC1's Sunday Morning Live, The Big Questions and Politics Show. He commentates on local, national and commercial radio - Radio 4’s Any Questions, Sunday Programme, Beyond Belief, Daily Thoughts, Faith Dialogues and The Asian Network. He is also a regular contributor and guest on LBC Radio and BBC 5 Live. He has been interviewed for Sky News, ITV, CNN, ITN, Reuters, Al Jazeera, RTL, BFTV, Australia Ten and many other news outlets.

Mohammed has a popular blog called ‘Ansar’s on a Postcard’ and is an avid Tweeter.
David Miliband's Departure - A Worrying Sign of the

David Miliband's Departure - A Worrying Sign of the Times

In many ways, I am unsurprised to see David Miliband leave and move on to pastures new at the IRC. Despite his calls for a renewal of the left, it never came. Or more accurately, it came in the shape as a morph into Blue Labour. The centre has shifted. In fact, it has shifted so far to the right that any sensible person will begin to lose their bearings.
27/03/2013 10:03 GMT
Twitter Should Not Be a Realm Beyond the

Twitter Should Not Be a Realm Beyond the Law

In this lawless, wild west of a social networking landscape, it's a vital public service that individuals pursue claims for the sake of society as a whole and to send a clear message to others. We have a moral duty beyond ourselves.
21/01/2013 16:56 GMT
Our Complicity In

Our Complicity In War-Rape

Pregnancies arising out of war rape - that is to say that girls and women raped in armed conflict - are currently denied abortions on humanitarian and medical grounds due to the US government's "no abortion policy" which affects medical treatment services funded by the UK government, and despite the fact the UK government is under a multi-tiered legal obligation to provide it.
10/01/2013 12:03 GMT
Advertising Islamophobia Hits London

Advertising Islamophobia Hits London Railways

On Monday 17 December billboards advertising free Qurans, were taken down. I've seen an email from JCDecaux which states the following (my emphasis added): "...rail companies have pointed out that this is not acceptable and we should not have done so."
19/12/2012 14:33 GMT