Mrs Stephen Fry

Edna Fry - Stephen's poor downtrodden wife and mother of his five, six or possibly seven children. @MrsStephenFry on Twitter

Edna Fry is the long-suffering wife of Stephen and mother of his five, six or possibly seven children. Her first book, Mrs Fry’s Diary – a frank and revealing insight into a year in the Fry household - received great critical claim and provoked a good deal of bemusement. Her talents are many and varied – her Spam Bourguignon has to be tasted to be believed, her poetry unlike anything you will ever read and her childcare techniques legendary. And she manages all of this while carrying out her somewhat demanding wifely duties (especially on a Sunday morning).

When not being a domestic goddess, literary marvel and carrying Stephen home from the pub, she likes to spend her time on Twitter (largely to keep an eye on her husband’s fanciful announcements), where she won the prestigious 2010 Shorty Award for Funniest Tweeter. She also likes tea. A lot.

Edna is crowd-funding her second book How to Have an Almost Perfect Marriage through Unbound – you can support her book by pre-ordering a copy here:’

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