Nathan Coyle

Advocate of political mischief, Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, Managing Director of New Union - also founder of the awesome Civify and Data Brew.

Hi, I'm Nathan, I am the Director of a non for profit civic design agency called New Union, I am also the Founder of the Dudley Smart Region, Data Brew which helps activists create evidence through open data and a young person digital democracy project called Civify.

Theresa May's Alamo - Why Irish Influence Will Unnerve English Voters

Over the next 13 days, we will see how the DUP conversation affects the right wing of British politics in regards to how voters see the legitimacy of a future Conservative government after another general election and it's surely a line left wing parties will attack hard. This is Theresa May's Alamo and her garrison will have to be well armed to protect her mission.
13/06/2017 12:59 BST

#GE2017: Are Young People Forcing A Shift In British Politics?

Youth unemployment was also a big conversation point, especially in the West Midlands. The lack of high-quality jobs is a worry for them, young people do not necessarily want to move to London, they want the opportunity to stay in the area and add value to it. That has been a real backlash from young people and it's forcing the establishment to sit up and take notice.
11/06/2017 19:14 BST

Brexit: It's Time to Fight Back With Education and Hope

I will always be proud of where I come from, but I am not proud of the institutions that represent us as they have quite clearly failed us. In the process they have created a legacy that the people who live in our neighbourhoods will need to clean up.
30/06/2016 15:24 BST

A Story Of The Football Club And The City: How Wolves Dropped the Ball

Obviously there has been some resistance from Wolves fans which the club parried with a official statement defending the decision saying The Money Shop "are going above and beyond regulation in promoting financial transparency and the bigger main club sponsorship of Wolves gives them a significant media platform to champion this message."
18/04/2016 14:37 BST

Birmingham, Keep Young People Politically Engaged

It's over to you stakeholders of Birmingham, you have a huge cohort of young Brummies' chomping at the bit to create change, make sure you help develop these amazing people as these are the people who can and will make our country a better place to live in.
07/03/2016 11:10 GMT

Forget Brexit, the Tory Leadership Lines Are Drawn

Yes the button has been pressed for the EU Referendum but the race is truly on for the next Leader of the party and I'm sure the Conservative Party membership shall be vigilantly watching their every move.
23/02/2016 16:16 GMT

Waste Less Food and Eat More Kebabs!

I looked in my freezer to see what I have, I bought a whole load of reduced mince beef for £4 a while ago, I just put separated it all and froze them separately, that will do! Ladies and gentlemen, in the spirit of the challenge I present to you my recipe for Black Country kebabs, with fried paprika onions and tomato salsa...
04/02/2016 11:12 GMT