Nicola Bonn

Observations of an Upfront Mama

Broadcaster and Journalist Nicola Bonn is Mum to Poppy and a very Upfront Mama. She started writing blog after being shocked by how challenging she was finding being a new Mum and how neurotic it was making her.

Upfront Mama is all about Nicola's honest and humorous observations of daily life as a rather neurotic and pretty clueless Mum who is learning on the job and is guaranteed to have you saying "thank goodness I'm not the only one who's going through that".

With useful tips that she's learning along the way, details of her daily Mummy fails and honest opinion pieces about the life of a modern Mum, Upfront Mama is your best friend if you're finding this whole parenting thing just a little bit of a challenge!
The Problem With The NHS Is People Like

The Problem With The NHS Is People Like Me

Looking back at my article as I have done so many times (in embarrassment and regret) since it has been published, I realise that I felt like I had some kind of sense of entitlement as I lay shouting in that hospital. Yes I was in agony. Yes I was scared. But what about the emergencies that were being dealt with whilst this was happening?
31/10/2016 16:55 GMT
Mums - We Can Be Whoever We Want to

Mums - We Can Be Whoever We Want to Be!

For many of us, the minute that we become Mothers we feel a loss of identity and self. Suddenly it is all about looking after another person and we feel like we no longer matter. This feeling rears itself in a number of ways...
11/12/2015 12:08 GMT
An Open Letter to Janet Street

An Open Letter to Janet Street Porter

You may be surprised to know that even though I'm a mother, I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly with you. Being accompanied by children when you're trying to have some adult time and enjoy a good meal and a fine glass of wine is hell. Particularly when those children are your own.
24/11/2015 15:46 GMT
Mummy Is Boss (Well She's Going to Try to be

Mummy Is Boss (Well She's Going to Try to be Anyway!)

I am a grown woman of 35 years old. I am strong- minded, generally don't take crap from anyone and yet I am letting myself be bossed around by a rather feisty, very small child. How did this happen? Is it the fear of a tantrum? Is it because I wanther to be happy and will do anything to achieve this?
30/10/2015 12:44 GMT
How to Find the Perfect

How to Find the Perfect Nanny

After these experiences I swore from a very young age that I would never get a nanny for my own children and yet here I am, doing exactly what my own parents did and do you know what?'s the best decision I have ever made.
25/09/2015 12:15 BST
Being a Mum in

Being a Mum in 2015

There's SO much information out there... online, in books, from friends and family and sometimes we feel really overwhelmed. It can make us feel neurotic and indecisive about what we're doing but we seek it out all the same.
09/09/2015 17:19 BST
Planning for an Emergency

Planning for an Emergency Caesarean

When I ended up having an emergency caesarean it kind of took me by surprise. Mentally I had prepared myself for pushing my baby out but hadn't really given the ins and outs of a C-Section much thought. I kind of thought that if I needed one so be it. There was nothing much I could plan for. I was wrong.
31/08/2015 19:14 BST
An Important Message for New

An Important Message for New Mums

Today I wanted to speak out to all those new mums who at this moment are feeling tearful, lonely, beyond exhausted and perhaps slightly scared that they're going to get post-natal depression and I wanted to reassure you that what you're feeling is normal and that it will pass.
21/08/2015 17:20 BST
No Parent Can Have It All: My View On Laura Wade-Gery's Maternity

No Parent Can Have It All: My View On Laura Wade-Gery's Maternity Leave

If Laura wants to return to her job after four months then why the hell shouldn't she? I'm sure that it won't be easy and there will be times when, however strong she is, she'll cry in the work loos because she misses her baby so much. However there is no reason that she will do any less of a good job than a male counterpart in the same position.
20/08/2015 10:09 BST
An Open Letter to George

An Open Letter to George Osborne

Dear George, I got a call from a friend yesterday evening asking whether I was as happy about your budget as she was. To be honest, I hadn't had much time to reflect on it as my toddler has taken to licking shoes and I had spent most of the day trying to stop her from getting some sort of awful illness from this rather gruesome habit. Anyway, I digress.
10/07/2015 11:22 BST