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Nigel Eastwood

CEO, New Call Telecom

Nigel Eastwood is the Group CEO of New Call Telecom Holdings BV, an international multi-platform telecoms operator in emerging markets; CEO of New Call India, and CEO of New Call Telecom Ltd in the UK.

Nigel led the management buy‐in of the UK telecoms business from its US parent company, PTGi, in 2010. Unusually, he moved the call centre function back from Mumbai to Nelson in Lancashire where the UK business employs more than 200 staff and, in partnership with Burnley College, runs its own business academy and apprenticeship scheme.

Previously Nigel held a variety of senior roles in both UK and international businesses, and he was a founder member of Fizz Telecom which was successfully sold in 2007.

Western Tech Can't Succeed Everywhere in the World

I was overwhelmed - and very surprised - by the number of homegrown tech brands in South Korea. After a short while, it became apparent that despite the emphasis on English taught in schools, it's not widely spoken in the country.
12/10/2015 10:12 BST

Have We Hit Communication Overload?

There is so much technological noise out there right now; so many apps; so many upgrades; so many content providers; so many packages, bundles and choices. In this new world, where we have so many technological options, it's easy to find our eyes glazing over.
01/09/2015 09:48 BST

Why India Is Such a Huge Opportunity For Western Investors

India has been the talk of the investment community for a number of years now. But no matter how much the opportunity is explained and analysed, Western foreign investors still seem unsure. Why the reticence to embrace such a huge opportunity, especially in the tech sector?
18/06/2015 15:02 BST

Over-The-Top Is Coming to Take Your Voice

The tech giants are only just starting to recognise what they can potentially offer to their customers - and by offering their users new services they hope to tie them into their existing social networks.
01/06/2015 16:10 BST

Google's Algorithm Update Is Not For The Western World

So if I was a betting man I'd say, based on its track record of innovative and disruptive strategies, that Google is currently setting itself up to exploit the growing opportunity for international calls and data throughout the emerging world. Which will of course, help sell a lot of phones. Watch out for a tie up with service partners in India very soon.
30/04/2015 16:21 BST

A Whole Bundle of Trouble - The Problem With Bundled Service Packages

So you want to buy a bundle of services? No? Why not? It must be a good deal because everyone's bundling these days. Amazon does it. So does Sky TV. And your broadband provider, your bank, your credit card and insurance companies, even fast food restaurants bundle services because they know what's best for you.
23/03/2015 15:51 GMT

Global Growth In Smartphones Will Change Our Digital Lives

Feature-rich phones need an equally feature-rich network infrastructure to drive and optimise consumer experience and consequently engender brand loyalty. The explosion in smartphones will mean a corresponding explosion in the amount of data consumed.
29/01/2015 09:16 GMT

WhatsApp VoIP: Will it Succeed in the Developing World?

VoIP technology is actually now more than 20 years old and the initial boom in consumer wireline VoIP came more than 10 years ago. Wireless mobile VoIP has also been around for quite a number of years. The first consumer application was introduced in 2006. A long time ago in telecoms!
19/01/2015 13:39 GMT

The Death of the Fixed Landline Phone Call

UK telecoms companies are about to increase their fixed-line phone charges. Ten years ago this would have led to the technological equivalent of riots in the streets. It would have been front page news. But today? Nope. Hardly a squeak.
08/12/2014 15:33 GMT

Emerging Markets Are Powering Their Own Tech Growth

For the vast majority of people living in the West, when you think about smartphones just two brands immediately spring to mind: Apple and Samsung. But if you live anywhere outside Europe or America, then it's likely that your first thought is not either of these giants, but the Chinese smartphone brand, Xiaomi.
19/11/2014 11:13 GMT

The Internet Can Change the Developing World

Ten years ago, in October 2004, there were 812m internet users worldwide - 12.7 per cent of the global population. The web had 50m sites; a Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg, had just started Facebook, and Flickr had just been launched as a chat room for an online multiplayer game with real-time photo sharing.
14/11/2014 12:18 GMT