Oliver James

Journalist and Legal Researcher

Oliver James is an international broadcast journalist and legal researcher, based in London. With a fluency in French, Spanish, Italian and Russian, his projects span the Middle East, former Soviet Union and Europe.
Syria's Lady

Syria's Lady Macbeth

For the first time in 8 years, Syria's first lady Asma al Assad has given a rare interview with Russian state television. Intelligent, caring and elegant, Mrs Assad draws on Princess Diana's humility and glamour as she talks of her devotion to the Syrian people.
26/10/2016 16:44 BST
Academic Elitism Hinders Our Diplomatic Efforts in

Academic Elitism Hinders Our Diplomatic Efforts in Russia

Oxbridge elitism has hindered generations of working-class British students, but it also hinders our diplomatic efforts. By dismissing the stories of young, urban working class Russians in academia, we fail to recognise that it is Putin and his supporters we have to engage with, rather than Pushkin.
25/01/2016 09:57 GMT