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Paul Blanchard

PR guru and Media Podcast presenter

Paul is an award-winning PR guru, and runs Right Angles, a consultancy based in London. Drawing on nearly 15 years’ experience working in PR and politics, he provides a specialist service called ‘CEO PR’, and works with global leaders to build and manage their reputation. His current clients include a senior MP, the CEOs of a major UK bank and several global charities in addition to a number of highly successful entrepreneurs. He also presents Media Focus, a fortnightly podcast which grants listeners an inside view of what's happening behind the scenes. Paul is active on Twitter and LinkedIn, and writes a light-hearted ‘PR jargon buster’. In 2017 he published Fast PR: Give Yourself a Huge Media Boost, which lifts the lid on all things PR.
Skeletons In The Internet

Skeletons In The Internet Closet

I tell my clients that the first rule of crisis communication is that prevention is better than cure. This is true of your online profile as well. Remember that nothing you share on the internet is truly private. So next time you're about to click post, <em>think</em>.
27/10/2017 11:34 BST
If You Dumb Down Politics, We All

If You Dumb Down Politics, We All Lose

I'm a lifelong Labour member. And at the Tory conference in Manchester yesterday, Theresa May gave a speech with a lot of substance. That doesn't make her someone I would vote for, but that does make her someone worth listening to.
06/10/2017 11:44 BST
'Consider' A Ban On Upskirt Photography? You'll Have To Do Better Than

'Consider' A Ban On Upskirt Photography? You'll Have To Do Better Than That

In a week that includes stories like the Bell Pottinger scandal, Brexit negotiations and Hurricane Irma, it's easy to miss the things that are pushed into the middle of the papers. But one story in particular didn't escape my notice. David Lidington, the justice secretary, said that he would consider a ban on upskirt photography.
10/09/2017 19:34 BST
Respect The

Respect The Hashtag

Have you forgotten BlackBerry advertising #rimjobs? Or the good people of Chester literary festival inviting us all to join their #clitfest? Surely you remember #susanalbumparty? There are numerous examples of company marketing and PR departments failing to think clearly about the hashtags they're using and condemning themselves to internet notoriety.
27/08/2017 17:25 BST
The Importance Of Social

The Importance Of Social Media

What's clear is that social media is not just for shameless self-promoters, bored teenagers or angry trolls. It's an essential tool in raising your profile and reaching out to those you would never ordinarily have the opportunity to. Follow Jacob Rees-Mogg's example, and you stand to benefit hugely.
14/07/2017 15:28 BST
Don't Lose Any Sleep Over The Fate Of Uber's

Don't Lose Any Sleep Over The Fate Of Uber's CEO

You don't need a degree in history to know that while Kalanick has been at the helm of Uber, the company have been embroiled in upwards of 15 unrelated, newspaper-worthy scandals. The real question here is: why did his investors put up with him for this long?
22/06/2017 17:04 BST
We Must Not Let Corbyn Get Away With

We Must Not Let Corbyn Get Away With This

From the reactions to the General Election on Friday morning, you'd think Labour had won. Unbelievably, several prominent Labour politicians, including the main loser himself, Jeremy Corbyn, suggested they had. In interviews he called it an "incredible result" and said it was "pretty clear who won the election".
15/06/2017 09:08 BST
I Love The Labour Party - And That's Why I Want Them To

I Love The Labour Party - And That's Why I Want Them To Lose

The Tories were supposed to win by a landslide. But since she called the election, Theresa May's lead over Labour has tumbled. Some pollsters put her lead at just four points. Though a healthy Tory majority is still on the cards, Labour look set to win more of the vote than they did under Ed Miliband in 2015. And that's bad, but not for the reason you might think.
08/06/2017 10:46 BST
Spin Is Dead, Long Live Spin: The New Political

Spin Is Dead, Long Live Spin: The New Political Conversation

Theresa May knows that in this day and age, near silence is the new spin. It means that when you do give the odd interview or statement people actually listen. They might not like what you say, but they don't automatically dismiss it as spin. Over time, they start to trust you. Maybe they start to believe you. And in the end, perhaps they even vote for you too.
29/11/2016 17:18 GMT
Trump Won Because Political Communicators

Trump Won Because Political Communicators Failed

I'm in New York and Donald J Trump has just won the presidential race. To say people in this city are surprised is a typical British understatement. They are shocked to the core. Numb, reeling, in tears. I'm upset and angry too. But to many Brits here in the US, and across the world, it's not such a surprise...
09/11/2016 15:44 GMT
Western Identity Politics Drives The Outrage Bus Off A

Western Identity Politics Drives The Outrage Bus Off A Cliff

I absolutely agree that we should celebrate the rising voices and confidence of the people in our society who have been marginalised, sometimes victimised and often ignored. But it is true that a large cross-section of people on the left - of every race, religion and social class - have become increasingly narrow-minded and shrill.
28/09/2016 12:44 BST
Hillary Clinton's Team Needs To Act -

Hillary Clinton's Team Needs To Act - Fast

Herein lies the problem in this case. Hillary's PR team have all the facts. They know her medical history and they know that this kind of collapse may well be a possibility at any time. So why didn't they have a proper statement ready? But more than this, why have they left it so long, many months, to really tackle the growing questions about Mrs Clinton's health?
13/09/2016 09:34 BST
Outright Nationalism Is Donald Trump's Next

Outright Nationalism Is Donald Trump's Next Trick

I still think that Donald Trump might just win the Presidential election. Nationalism is extreme patriotism; a feeling of superiority over other countries. The causes are historic for both the UK and US...many citizens in both the US and UK see their countries as having a 'superior' backstory filled with heroic deeds and victories.
26/08/2016 12:26 BST
Are Online Business Networks on the Way

Are Online Business Networks on the Way Out?

A couple of weeks ago, two friends of mine independently decided to leave LinkedIn. They clicked the 'close account' button and that was it...gone in an instant. I have to say, I was shocked. But then, perhaps I shouldn't have been.
03/08/2016 15:53 BST
Boris, Trump and the Cult of

Boris, Trump and the Cult of Authenticity

Everyone wants to be authentic. It's all the rage - and quite right too. Being a truly authentic leader is sensible and smart. It builds credibility and boosts profits. But has authenticity jump the shark?
20/07/2016 17:01 BST
In Defence of Tony

In Defence of Tony Blair

Tony Blair is a credit to himself and to the Labour Party. He is courageous, bold and selfless. He shines a light on the indecent events now taking place within the Party, and if we want to learn about real leadership we have only to look to him.
08/07/2016 14:29 BST