Paul Goldsmith

Politics teacher and co-author of How To Lose a Referendum: The Definitive Guide to Why the UK voted for Brexit

Paul Goldsmith is a politics and economics teacher at Latymer Upper School in London and co-author, with Sky News senior political correspondent Jason Farrell, of 'How to Lose a Referendum: The Definitive Story of Why the UK Voted for Brexit' – published by Biteback Publishing. Available from the publisher or at

Why You Should Care How Tertiary Legislation Is Hidden Within The EU Withdrawal Bill

The Bill as it stands, unamended, would take that sovereignty away and put it in the hands of the Government. This is not what Brexit was supposed to be about. Hardline Brexiters should then be reminded that putting the power to make rules, regulations and laws in the way that the so-called 'Henry VIII' powers under Clause 7 of the Bill do may be 'OK' in the hands of Theresa May's government.
12/11/2017 17:22 GMT

Why Ireland Might Have To Leave The EU Too

After Brexit, assuming the UK leaves the Customs Union and the Single Market, numerous problems will arise, and whilst some of them will affect the UK, far more of them will affect the Republic of Ireland.
26/10/2017 17:52 BST

What David Davis Can Learn About Negotiating Brexit From A Little-Known Civil Servant

During my time writing and now talking about the book, I have found that nobody (apart from Nigel Farage) had even heard the name Russell Bretherton before. There is only one picture of him in existence and he only gave one interview (to the BBC in 1982). But his presence and instructed behaviour at the talks to create the European Community says much about the UK's attitude to European Unity back in the 1950s.
31/07/2017 17:18 BST