Paul Hobson

Journalist and sports fan

Paul Hobson is a former sports reporter who is now editor of The Baptist Times ( He is something of a cricket bore (but likes football too) and is interested in the relationship between faith and sport.
Thinking About Phillip

Thinking About Phillip Hughes

Phillip Hughes' death is a tragedy on so many levels, not least the cutting down of a talent on the cusp of truly flourishing. But more, it's times like this that remind those of us with a tendency to get caught up in its ebbs and flows that sport is simply a game, no more no less, played by human beings of infinitely worth more than whatever scores they muster.
30/11/2014 22:13 GMT
The Head Said London - But the Heart Went for

The Head Said London - But the Heart Went for Doha

As a sports fan I was delighted London won the right to host the 2017 World Athletics Championships. Another major athletics event so soon after the Olympics, another chance to use the impressive infrastructure, another opportunity to cement and build on the legacy. What's not to like?
17/11/2011 09:41 GMT