Rhiannon Walsh

Sometimes I pretend I know how to write well but it's all a ruse.

Rhiannon is an Irish student studying media in Glasgow that has never been very good at writing in the 3rd person. Her hobbies include doing bad accents, striving for world peace and being a sarcastic little shit. She is writing her dissertation on feminist porn but will try and limit how many posts here will feature the word "masturbation". She can't promise anything though. She likes her bed and puns and dislikes having to come up with a witty and smart-sounding bio while failing miserably.

Stop Trying To Get Your Shit Together Because You Probably Won't

In recent months I have both graduated from university and turned the ripe old age of 23. By juggling a retail job, freelance work and the occasional unpaid personal project, I scramble through most of my days searching for the sweet relief of feeling "Wow...I really have my shit together!", before I pat myself on the back and give a double thumbs up to an invisible camera. But that feeling never seems to come.
20/10/2016 14:12 BST

From Aroused to Appalled : A Personal Response to the James Deen Controversy

Deen was once quoted with Good Men Project saying that participating in rough, punishing sex made him feel "icky". But perhaps he was role-playing in that interview too. Either that or he was foreseeing the adjective that thousands of his viewers are describing themselves as feeling after once enjoying his content. Myself, very much included.
24/12/2015 13:32 GMT