Richard Fry

Artist, Writer, Stray Cat Foster Dad

Richard Fry is a globally acclaimed playwright and performer. His one man shows have achieved success on the international festival circuit receiving many award nods including the Amnesty Freedom of Expression Award and The Peace Trust Award. Fry's uncompromising voice has also been heard in Parliament and schools as well as theatres. His debut novel, Life and Death by Dave, is about a soft soul battling the bad boys, bullies and bigots. Fry has also appeared onscreen playing various roles including a Russian mafioso, a Greek gangster and an Irish gun-runner which is all the more remarkable considering he has no ear for accents. He has also appeared in the Bollywood version of the 40-Year-Old Virgin in only a pair of underpants. One day he hopes to be a proper actor. He has also been foster dad to 42 stray cats and counting. Miaow.