Richard Stacy

Social media and marketing consultant

I am a social media and marketing consultant based in the United Kingdom. I help organisations manage the transition into the social digital space. In most instances this means creating workshops that help them understand the space and shape their own strategies. I have been doing this for ten years and some of the organisations I have worked with include: Microsoft UK, RBS, Discovery Networks Europe, Atkins, Eversheds LLP, The European Association of Communications Agencies, J Sainsbury, SSE and UKTV. In my life before social media, I spent 20 years working within the Saatchi & Saatchi / Publicis Groupe in London, Sydney, Brussels and Prague. My last agency role was as managing director of Publicis Consultants in London. As a sideline, I also speak at conferences, conventions and seminars. This isn’t something I planned to do, it’s just something I often get asked to do and which I enjoy. You can contact me on

Fantasy and Fear: At the Heart of the EU Referendum Campaign

Reality is mundane and frequently difficult - but it represents the world we have to live within and the people we have to share it with. And the best worlds are created where we replace fantasy with reality and fear with happiness (and propagandists have a tough time).
21/06/2016 16:10 BST

The EU Referendum: Beware the Lure of a Scapegoat

If you are happy to embrace the idea that you can't trust experts but you can trust Boris Johnson - then vote Leave. But don't vote Leave because you have fallen for the lure of a scapegoat.
15/06/2016 09:26 BST

Are Daesh Fascists?

I would suggest that usage of the term fascist to describe Daesh would best be understood as a label that should be hung around the neck of those who wish to hang it around the neck of others.
16/12/2015 09:28 GMT

'Nous Sommes...' What Exactly?

This week the magazine Charlie Hebdo will publish a defiant response to the terrorists who assassinated 8 members of its staff and four shoppers in a Jewish supermarket. This response will involve publishing an image of the Prophet Muhammad.
14/01/2015 13:28 GMT

Does Facebook (Like Barclays) Operate a Dark Pool?

Facebook needs to generate sufficient revenue to justify a valuation north of $80 billion - and it is not going to do that simply through selling advertising, it is going to do that by selling access to its pool of data... data about human behaviour.
03/07/2014 14:07 BST

The Sword, the Printing Press and the Algorithm: Three Technologies That Changed the World

It is always a good game to identify the game-changers: to reduce the complexities of history (and perhaps even the future) into simple cause and effect relationships. No more is this so than with technology, given that we like to think we are living in a technological age and thus there is always a buck to be made in either talking-up, warning of, or dismissing the impact of technology on the course of our lives and our societies.
20/03/2014 11:45 GMT

Berlin Wall?

The Right Hon Michael Gove MP. Oh where does one start? Perhaps let us start with two words: Berlin Wall. Berlin Wall is the term that Mr Gove has just used to describe what it is that separates private and public education in the UK. And what a powerful term it is: so laden with symbolism, so inviting of destruction and also so instructive of his own detachment from reality.
05/02/2014 12:09 GMT

Social Media: Why It Will Change the World

While social media tends towards the small, there is one thing that has become big as a result, and this is data. We now all live within a thousand datasets, each one of which is like a compass bearing on our identity. This fact is overturning all our concepts of privacy, data protection and the significance of information.
01/07/2013 14:39 BST

A Thought on Margaret Thatcher

The last 30 years have shown that if you pursue a Thatcherite approach, as admirable as its values might seem at the time, all you end up creating is a society which allows the most aggressive and self-interested to reach the top of both politics and business.
09/04/2013 14:32 BST

Public Education a State Monopoly? No, Prime Minister

Is it just me, or does it seem rather strange, not to say inappropriate, to regard the provision of public services as monopolies that need to be broken up? And is it not a logical next step from this idea is to regard government itself as a monopoly that needs to be broken-up?
15/01/2013 11:15 GMT

Niall Ferguson and the Decline of Everything (Including, Apparently, Evidence)

Perhaps the real problem we face is not caused by the decline or failure of institutions over the last 20 years, it is caused by the rise over the same period of an ideology that declares, on the basis of very little evidence, that unfettered competition, within globalised 'free' markets is the answer.
16/07/2012 09:12 BST

Why a Social Media Strategy is Different to a Marcoms Strategy

The single most important thing to realise about social media is that it is different. Almost all of the mistakes being made in social media occur because organisations do not fully appreciate this and simply look to drag their existing marketing and communications ideas, campaigns and ways of thinking into the social media space.
10/01/2012 14:26 GMT