Rory Dickinson

A 24 year old writer who lives in Madrid

My name is Rory Dickinson, I am a 23 year old freelance writer from Madrid who grew up in Derby. I am interested in politics, literature and football.

Understanding Brexit, A Voice From Madrid

The Conservatives will move even further to the right and UKIP will receive more media coverage than ever. If Labour can't unite and figure out a coherent message to win back the white working class, I think any GCSE history student will be able to predict the dark road our country could be going down.
28/06/2016 10:34 BST

Time Is Running Out for Roberto Martinez

So the question needs to be asked, has Martinez got what it takes to deliver ambitions of this re-awakened giant? At the moment the answer appears to be a clear and obvious no. However with seven league games left in the season, including a Merseyside Derby, and a F.A Cup semi final looming over the horizon, Martinez will hope he still has the opportunities to prove his growing list of critics wrong...
15/04/2016 11:37 BST

Can the Left Still Support the EU?

Is this the type of organisation we want the EU to be? One that supports corporations over the welfare of its population. One that ignores referendums, lacks democratic legitimacy and is focused upon the privatisation of public services...
12/10/2015 17:38 BST

Privatisation - Don't Believe the Hype

The debate for re-nationalising some of our major industries has been largely ignored since Tony Blair tore up Labour's commitment to Clause Four. Perhaps now is the time for Ed to reconsider such a move and position the Labour Party back on the side of working people.
02/02/2015 11:30 GMT