Salome Verrell

Solicitor and Senior Lecturer at The University of Law

Solicitor and Senior Lecturer at the College of Law

Cyclist And Motorist Rules: Spot The Difference

There is also no requirement for cyclists to be registered anywhere in the same way that motorists have to register with the DVLA, so there is no way of really knowing if after a collision with a cyclist they really are who they say they are, unlike a motorist whose registration number would provide a lot of details even if they didn't.
27/09/2016 12:52 BST

House of Lords - To Elect or Not to Elect?

Should the Lords become an elected chamber? Partly-elected perhaps but fully elected and we could end up with the same political game-playing and circus entertainment we often get with the House of Commons? Is that democracy? The public seem very discontent with politicians so why are we calling for more by having the Lords electable?
09/09/2015 12:24 BST

What Constitutes Drug Driving?

I am already sensing an even heavier caseload for the courts as a result of this new offence and the ramifications and time that it will take to fully prepare a case where the defendant pleads not guilty.
11/03/2015 14:23 GMT

The EU Adopts New Measures to Strengthen Detainees Rights But Directives Are Still Not Aligned to the PACE Codes of Conduct

There has been a lot of progress recently within the EU on measures that facilitate prosecution in judicial and police matters, such as the European Arrest Warrant. The EU felt it was time to take action to balance the newly afforded rights given to investigating and prosecuting criminals such as the new arrest warrant, with the protection of procedural rights of individual EU citizens..
04/12/2014 10:55 GMT

Mobility Scooters Raise Legal Loophole

Not only should my client not have been charged with an offence, but he should never have been arrested and breathalysed. It is akin to stopping and breathalysing someone for walking home drunk.
10/10/2014 17:14 BST

Who Owns a Banksy?

Banksy is one of the few people who have been able to popularly harmonise the terms 'graffiti' and 'artist' and his work is treasured around the world from the West Bank to Bristol. Yet Banksy's fame brings a headache to would-be art dealers and community leaders the world over: just who owns a Banksy?
05/06/2014 17:08 BST

Is Legislation the Answer to the Veil in Court Debate?

The question of appropriate court attire has always been topical for those who are involved in court proceedings, from witnesses, to lawyers, and of course the Judge and other court staff. I recall a lawyer being sent out of court by the Judge presiding over the family court in a courtroom in Surrey because her suit had a pink hue
01/10/2013 12:03 BST

Would the Law Change if the UK Was to Leave the EU?

At present EU law is supreme to UK law and this is a major sticking point for many Eurosceptics and is often used as an argument for the UK's exit from the EU. But what would the legal implications of the UK's exit from the EU actually be? Would EU law be completely rejected in favour of national law?
18/04/2013 14:02 BST

The Vicky Pryce Trial and the Case for Juries

Jurors usually get it right. There is no way of knowing why they didn't understand what was going on in Vicky Pryce's case. We should review how we ensure jurors adhere to their rules of conduct by perhaps putting them up in hotels with no access to the outside world (but this raises issues of reasonableness and human rights).
04/03/2013 16:33 GMT