Sara Davison

The Divorce Coach - helping you cope better with any break-up.

Sara Davison, best known as ‘The Divorce Coach’ is one of the UK’s most sought after authorities on break-up, separation and divorce. Revolutionising the way we view and navigate one of life’s most traumatic events, Davison's quest to banish the stigma surrounding divorce and prove that the end of a relationship can be the most empowering, life-affirming event to ever happen to you, is fast catching-on. Sara is the author of best-selling book, Uncoupling, and created and launched the UK’s first ever Break-Up Recovery Retreats dubbed “Heartbreak Hotel”. Sara’s coaching programmes equip both men and women with the tools and techniques needed to regain control of their lives and feel happy again after their breakup. An NLP Master Practitioner and qualified hypnotherapist, Sara combines 20 years’ coaching experience together with her own personal experience of marriage breakdown to create bespoke coaching programmes designed to help individuals transition through the turbulent terrain of breakups and reclaim their lives as stronger, happier versions of themselves. In the last few years Sara Davison expanded her global business and brand to launch the UK’s first ever Break-Up Recovery Retreat, dubbed as ‘Heartbreak Hotel’. Based in East Sussex, the immersive two-day workshop, which launched with rave reviews across national media, takes small intimate groups on a journey of rediscovery and they leave with a tool kit of coping strategies, a bespoke action plan and a renewed sense of self. Led by Sara, the retreats run throughout the year and can be booked through the website at A CDC Certified Divorce Coach, certified motivational speaker and regular media commentator and contributor, Sara has worked and trained with the most revered experts in the field of personal development including Anthony Robbins, Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, Michael Neill and the Barefoot Doctor. Sara was inspired to create her bespoke divorce coaching programme after feeling helpless and frustrated by the lack of practical and emotional support when experiencing the breakdown of her own marriage. Her empathetic and holistic approach has cornered a gap in the marketplace and helped dozens of people across the world rebuild their lives for the better. Sara Davison said: “Nothing prepared me for the breakdown of my marriage and, after struggling to find any effective or practical support during that two-year period, I felt passionate about channelling all I had learnt to try and help others. My business and holistic background and qualifications enabled me to create strategies and step by step guides that traverse the practical as well as the emotional challenges. I believe that my coaching is the missing piece to the information available in the market today. It’s everything I wish I’d had access to during my own divorce.” Davison works with clients from all over the world at all stages of their break-up journeys, from the first tremors of doubt through to twenty years post break-up when people can still be trapped in destructive cyclical patterns. The format of her coaching programmes vary to suit the needs of the individual. From one-on-one private coaching to the immersive group environment of a workshop on the Break-Up Recovery Retreats and new Break-Up Breakthrough 20-part video coaching programme, which can be completed at home. She also runs a ‘Reignite Your Life’ members group, an online coaching programme which meets with members twice a month for a webinar to share empowering advice about topics, from health and kids to love and finance, in a supportive group environment. Full details can be found at Sara Davison also extends her coaching to the workplace and offers bespoke corporate break-up coaching and training for HR staff so they are better equipped to manage and support employees going through separation or divorce and minimise damage to the business. This also extends to Business Owners, Directors and Managers who are struggling to cope with the ripple effect of a personal breakup whilst having to motivate and lead their workforce.