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Sarah Adams

A cynical optimist and lover of 70s music, spicy food, and a good pub garden.

A born and bred London suburbanite trying to crack the world of copywriting. Cynical enough not to believe social media sob stories, gullible enough to believe anything my friends tell me. Lover of Charlie Brooker satire and Richard Curtis romance. Hater of selfies.

Everything You Need To Know About Week 10 Of GBBO

Bake Off has some serious social power. The tweet was swiftly removed, apparently without a trace (bar a few speedy snapshotters), and all online articles - I saw, anyway - were censored.
01/11/2017 10:24 GMT

Everything You Need To Know About Week Nine Of GBBO

Her showstopper looked like a Rubicon wet dream, but the judges loved the colours. If they're impressed by this, they need to see a fruit salad - it will rock their worlds. You can't praise Kate for the colour of fruit, Mother Nature gon' be pissed.
25/10/2017 08:43 BST

Everything You Need To Know About Week Eight Of GBBO

Because it was a mistake to forget these bakes and they're actually really delicious and were forgotten for no reason. Definitely not because they're really unhealthy or irrelevant or dated or disgusting.
18/10/2017 09:09 BST

Everything You Need To Know About Week Seven Of GBBO

'It's shaping up to be the hottest day in the tent EVER.' Oh really? Us October folk really feel for you. We really do. I must say, Ch4, keep these senses-we-can-never-experience coming. First taste, now temperature, next smell and touch. Truly, excellent viewing.
11/10/2017 09:26 BST

Everything You Need To Know About Week Five Of GBBO

The sneaky bastards chucked a lesson in the first round! Now that's a Bake Off first I am not on board with, so close to the pre-show cup of tea. This was a premature break we didn't need for tea nor toilet.
27/09/2017 14:12 BST

Everything You Need To Know About Week Three Of GBBO

Yet another cutting narration from Noel, this time attacking sweet Liam: 'with a stout he's just old enough to drink'. You leave Liam alone you goth monster, for all we know, he's never had a scone before, so think about that kind of childhood, ok?
13/09/2017 09:12 BST

Everything You Need To Know About Week Two Of GBBO

This week made me feel very aware of Ch4 <em>Bake Off</em> as a a gigantic advertising machine. Ebay's ad featured <em>Tattoo Fixers</em> artist icing biscuits. There was a car ad (can't remember the car, they did a great job) with Chelsea's Mark Francis and Ch4 face Katherine Ryan.
06/09/2017 08:49 BST

Everything You Need To Know About Week One Of GBBO

When you stumble across Mel and Sue conversing in bun puns, you believe you've walked in on Mel and Sue conversing in bun puns - as per. I do not, however, believe Noel and Sandi stroll through fields discussing French names for cakes.
31/08/2017 10:57 BST

Week Nine Of The GBBO: Patisserie

Mel and Sue were drowning in French jokes. Plus there was that awkward moment when Mel and Sue joke about leaving the show and having enough... when in the future they will be leaving the show and will have had enough...
20/10/2016 10:36 BST

Week 8 Of The GBBO: Tudor

Is 'Tudor' born to be a Bake Off theme? Or was it just the BBC sound team trying to prove their eerie Potter-style plucking soundtrack was worth the money?
13/10/2016 09:35 BST

Week 7 Of The GBBO: Desserts

Marjoulaine - a mille-feuille wannabe taking three hours to bake (dramatised by a cut to Benjamina whispering 'three hours!', because obviously three hours is an insane amount of time (an insanity completely bypassed for us as we experience two days in 60 minutes...))
06/10/2016 08:26 BST

Week 6 Of The GBBO: Botanical

So the first question we all had, was what the week actually is. Botanical means that the bakes have to contain something that grows. So... most bakes. Or, they can be something with floral decorations. So... any bake. Woah. Really putting the pressure on this high caliber of bakers. You'd think hash brownies or a magic mushroom loaf would make an appearance - but not a sniff.
29/09/2016 10:01 BST

Week 4 Of The GBBO: Batter

For those of you who haven't heard (which if you haven't, the only plausible excuse would be a coma (in which case you're now out of the coma, welcome)) Bake Off has been sold to Channel 4 for one billion-fafillion-zababadabadoo-yen pounds, Mel and Sue are gone, Paul and Mary are likely to follow, and shit has hit the pan and it is caramelising.
15/09/2016 09:43 BST

Week 3 Of The GBBO: Bread

So... bread... bread knowledge... 350g of butter?! Four eggs?! A single prove?! ARE YOU CRAZY?! YOU'RE ON THE LEDGE MATE, I NEED TO TALK YOU DOWN. Oh no wait, I have no idea. But these people are just as useless! Most of their bakes were shit. 'The star baker in bread bake has always gone into the final' Really? I'd be surprised if any of them make it.
08/09/2016 11:15 BST

Week 2 Of The GBBO: Biscuits

And so it was, Mel and Sue were Mel and Sue-less. It felt wrong. It would be like Lennon without McCartney. Jerry without Ben. And within approx. 3.5 minutes we were used to it and would be fine if the BBC were to fire Sue due to cuts.
01/09/2016 11:27 BST

Week 1 of The GBBO: Cake

By releasing headshots early, we were kind of online dating them all. We'd had a week to create preconceptions and imagine what Rav's voice is like or what kind of walk Benjamina has settled on in life, and then we're faced with the real person. Some surprises!
25/08/2016 13:40 BST