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Saskia Lee Stewart

A Mother and Wife with significant side orders of Architect, Designer, Photographer, Blogger, Eco-Warrior and Spiritual Vagabond

My Blog Site: The Sass In My Soul,

• A Mother, Wife and Member of Crazy-but-Cool Family with significant side orders of Architect, Designer, Photographer, Blogger, Eco-Warrior and Spiritual Vagabond.

• A Creative Misfit with an opinion on Everything.

• I have a self-confessed obsessive compulsive disorder in Seeking. Seeking truth, magic, bliss, delight and happiness.

• Creativity grows endlessly, and rampant, in my soul. Life is defined, but not contained, by the creation of artistry and beauty.

• In life there is no 'typical' anything for me. My inner world is as varied as falling snowflakes, although not always as beautiful. Happy to share all inner, and outer, journeys on my mission to grow wiser, wilder and irrepressible.

• I live, with husband and daughter (The Bumblee) in a self-designed eco-house on an overgrown hill gazing out over the sea. The daily upload of gratitude for this sustains me A LOT. Although I do not believe in the pursuit of perfection, it is damn close.

• Living life with a wide-open view, aware of the potential for endless possibilities.

• Expressing personal Attitude freely and frequently at The Sass In My Soul,

Woman And The Moon

She's a ghost. A shapeshifter. Heavenly woman. Her mystery is very seductive, and perhaps that's what stirs and excites me when I look upon her... transforms me. It's as though her ethereal fingers of light reach inside me and remind me of my own mystery... connect me to my own luminous centre..
09/11/2016 15:18 GMT

Learning How to Navigate Life's Black Holes

Life in the hole has been <em>melancholic</em>, pretty <em>tangled around the edges</em> and a lot <em>unsettled</em>. I am not expressing complaint here. I am SO NOT one for a 'settled' or mundane life where there are no bumps and dips
01/05/2014 13:23 BST

No Make Up Selfies - The Naked (Not Aiming for Pretty) Truth

Truly, it had not occurred to me that the bare-faced selfies were in any way attempting to compare 'a face with no makeup' to the savage physicality of cancer. The two are clearly on different continents. Cancer is a bit of a spectre in my family. I do not put forward my point of view lightly.
04/04/2014 15:30 BST