Sharron Phillips

Blogger on The Childless Mother, Artist and aspiring photographer.

For 12 years my husband and I have been trying for children, we have had our hearts broken repeatedly. I started to ask myself at what point do we start stop and accept our future without children. There are so many stories out there about success, what happens when your dreams so not come true. My blog The Childless Mother shares our story and offers supports others in our situation.

Waiting For Our Baby

The passing of time is something none of us can control. It's become my enemy over the last few years. Starting with us trying for children and then moving to heartbreak when we lost my cousin to cancer in 2016. Time moving forward caused pain, it's frustrating and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.
12/10/2017 11:20 BST

An Infertile Woman's Letter To Her Unborn Child

I'm sorry you have to wait so long, we are trying so hard to get you here. Can you wait a little while longer? You are still the twinkle in the stars for now as my body just can't keep you safe. I'm so sorry about that. I'm working hard to make a change to make it safe.
19/07/2017 15:13 BST

The Demon Voice Tormenting A Fat Girl

I have gone many years as a "chunky monkey", I think the very truth of the matter is that I have always felt like "that girl" - the plain, frumpy one, the DUFF. I was always the ugly one out of my friends. I hate that word 'ugly', but for the purposes of this blog and honesty that's how I felt.
15/06/2017 14:43 BST

I Am Sorry We Can't Have Children. A Letter To My Husband

I am so sorry that I am the reason you might not get to experience fatherhood. I wish I could change what we have been through. I wish that I could change what I have and we could have had a normal progression from two to three. I can't.
19/04/2017 13:49 BST

Does My Infertility Make You Uncomfortable?

I can honestly say, even though I did feel jealous, I was always happy for them. At first I would say, "Oh don't be silly, don't feel bad telling me! I am fine!" Finding myself comforting them through the experience of having to tell their defective friend they were getting their bundle of joy after only a couple of months of trying.
05/04/2017 15:45 BST

The Invasion Of The Baby Bumps

I was having problems following a miscarriage and watching those pregnant bellies was an ice pick to my heart. I kept my head down, making little eye contact. I sat silent tears falling onto my lap.
30/03/2017 16:14 BST

Mother's Day Without A Child

Deleting the day from my calendar and staying in bed is appealing, but it isn't real life. I am finally at a point now that I can face these days with at least some kind of composure. Processing the grief of losing my babies and accepting that we would not have children has been a slow and heart-breaking process.
23/03/2017 13:13 GMT

The Childless Mother

For 12 years, my husband and I have been trying for children. It's such a simple aspiration, something so natural. To have a family. When the simple becomes a nightmare, it can take over your life and result in feeling like a total failure. To do the simplest thing, to know that my body is letting me down so badly is hard to process.
22/03/2017 13:01 GMT