Simon Michaels

Business coach and mindfulness trainer. Coffee nut.

Hi, my name’s Simon,
I spent many years being stressed at work – anxious about all kinds of things at work such as workload pressure, getting on with those around me, feeling valued etc.
Whilst I made a living OK, and was pretty competent, life was just not satisfying and it was spilling over into my social life. I blamed everything but myself.
So about 18 years ago, I began to get into mindfulness. The more I practised, the more I realised that my stress at work was easing off. It’s not that the external stress factors were any less, it was my reaction and response that was changing. As a result, I felt easier, more confident and more resilient, and my work improved too. So then I started to teach mindfulness.
So now I’ve brought my skills as a business advisor and mindfulness trainer together, by helping people do the work they do, but in a calmer, more focused, and more productive way. I’ve helped organisations from County Councils to third sector, and from business owners to coaches. Over 90% of the people I’ve worked with say the results are ‘significant’ or ‘amazing’.