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Stewart Wood

Labour peer and former adviser to Gordon Brown

Labour peer and former shadow cabinet minister

Why Theresa May's Deal With The DUP Must Be Abandoned

The UK Government's periodic role as an honest broker between the Northern Irish parties is now needed again. It has a duty - to the heroic, courageous moves towards peace on all parties in the recent past, and to the people of Northern Ireland now and in the future - to be and to appear impartial. And this is why the Conservative-DUP deal is so concerning. Any UK Government formally reliant on any Northern Irish party simply cannot be seen as the honest broker it needs to be. The Government really should abandon the idea of a formal deal. They are playing with fire. And the stakes are too high to risk it.
12/06/2017 16:46 BST

In This Era Of Fake News, The Government Must Not Threaten The Trusted BBC's Independence And Ability To Deliver

In an era of anxiety about the proliferation of fake news, and the need to support British creative and commercial success internationally, protecting the best of the BBC and encouraging it to innovate and excel has never been more important. So it is of deep concern that recent months have seen growing anxiety that government policy is threatening both the independence of the BBC and its continuing ability to deliver core activities.
08/02/2017 07:47 GMT

15 Things Donald Trump Revealed In His Times/Bild Interview

"Jeb Bush would stand up - "He is not a true conservative" - who cares?... The people don't care you know when you're talking - they don't care, they want good deals. You know what? They want their jobs back". Trump has a solid grasp on why he won and why his opponents lost. It was about jobs.
16/01/2017 13:24 GMT

The Last Day at Number 10

Working at no.10 whatever the weather (and boy did we have some storms in our time) is a privilege beyond compare. I used to literally pinch myself walking past the tourists through the Downing Street gates every morning, to remind myself how transitory it was, how much responsibility even a lowly aide like me had, and most of all never to take it for granted. When the music stops, it takes a chunk out of you, and you lose your bearings for a short time. I hope David Cameron and his team recover theirs quickly. I hope they remember the extraordinary honour it is to serve your country. And I hope they learn to cherish the freedom that comes from leaving no.10 and returning to the ranks of those they used to govern.
13/07/2016 08:37 BST

Eight Things Britain Will Need for Brexit to Succeed

Taken together, the chances for each one of these eight conditions for Brexit's success are not great. The chances of some subset of them happening are very slim. The chances of all of them happening are as close to zero as you can get.
15/06/2016 15:20 BST

An Open Letter to Richard Desmond on 'Hidden Migrants'

Are you happy that the <em>Daily Express</em> is saying that we should consider public figures such as Prince Charles, Ed Miliband, Boris Johnson and Winston Churchill as migrants "hidden" from the British public by official statistics? And is it correct that the <em>Express</em> is suggesting that the children of Nick Clegg and, for that matter, Nigel Farage are "hidden migrants"?
26/11/2014 16:04 GMT

Miliband's Visit to Washington Provides a Timely Reminder of the Post-Crash Challenges Faced on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Ed Miliband's visit to Washington DC provides a timely reminder of the new post-crash challenges faced by both our nations and our progressive movements. But beyond that, it is an opportunity for two leaders who both understand that economic growth comes from not the top down, but the middle out, and who share with common values, to share ideas on how to meet these challenges.
21/07/2014 13:05 BST

The Chancellor Is Wrong and Disingenuous on Living Standards

Chancellor, I am afraid it is not true that a majority of people are better off but labouring under the misapprehension that they are worse off. It is one thing for a government to rebut the claims of their opponents. It is quite another to brief against the experiences of ordinary families across the country.
05/12/2013 15:47 GMT

We Need to Talk About the Middle

Paying attention to the plight of the Middle is no longer simply a matter of distributing goodies to capture their votes. In 2013, the problem of the Middle has become the central economic challenge facing our country.
14/02/2013 06:33 GMT