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Dr Susanna Pinkus

Specialist Education Consultant

I am passionate about empowering parents, schools and society at large to better understand and meet children's needs. Engaging parents and families as genuine partners in their children's education, promoting holistic well-being and teaching young people how to learn are also particular interests. Alongside my work with young people and their families, I continue to write widely on educational and parenting matters in the media. I am very much looking forward to blogging on a range of family-related topics for 'The Huffington Post'. For more information about my work, see
Fun Ways To Entertain Little Ones Without The

Fun Ways To Entertain Little Ones Without The Cost

Fun and often whacky activities can create the happiest memories for both children and parents. I still treasure the memory of creating kitchen mayhem aged seven, when baking rainbow bread with my dad.
28/07/2017 11:51 BST
How To Tackle Your Revision

How To Tackle Your Revision Timetable

Yes, the countdown to exams has truly begun. With the promise of the Easter break hovering on the horizon, you may be feeling quite relaxed knowing you will soon have dedicated time to study; or you may have underlying concerns about how you are going to fit in all that needs to be done before the big event.
20/03/2017 12:58 GMT
Say Goodbye To School Gate

Say Goodbye To School Gate Tears

Having a distressed start to the day for both parent and child is a horrible experience. But the good news is that with some thought and preparation, this can usually be turned around quite quickly. So what can you do to help?
11/10/2016 17:11 BST
Asthma Is Not Just A

Asthma Is Not Just A Wheeze

Listening to the symptoms I described, our GP was helpful and prescribed us a brown inhaler known as a 'preventor' to try. Although he showed me how to use it, the demonstration was crammed into the end of a short appointment.
22/09/2016 13:24 BST