Susannah Taylor

The best in beauty and wellness from the award-winning team at Get The Gloss

Susannah was Beauty and Health Editor at British Vogue before starting up, the go-to website for intelligent beauty and health.

She started her career desperately wanting to forge a career out of her love of fashion, and attended Central St Martins School of Art which led to an internship with a terrifying fashion journalist who would freak out if the froth was low on her cappuccino. This experience had Susannah running for the heady hills of the beauty world where she landed her first major job as Deputy Beauty Editor on the launch of Conde Nast's Glamour magazine where she became beauty editor before moving to Vogue a few years later.

A mother of two, Susannah juggles her life as editor of Get The Gloss with her family (she works in London, lives in Oxfordshire, UK) and a new-found love of fitness. Here she will write weekly about life as a crazy busy working mum who tries to stay glamorous and sane.