Symon Hill

Co-ordinator of the Peace Pledge Union

Symon Hill is Co-ordinator of the Peace Pledge Union (PPU), a pacifist network promoting active nonviolence and challenging militarism. The PPU includes people of many religions and none.

You can follow the Peace Pledge Union on Twitter at @PPUtoday or on Facebook.

Symon is passionate about nonviolence, common ownership, sexual justice and the ability of people to change society through their everyday lives.

In addition to his work for the PPU, he is a tutor for the Workers' Educational Association and an associate of Ekklesia, the Christian political thinktank.

Symon's latest book is The Upside-Down Bible: What Jesus really said about money, sex and violence (Darton, Longman & Todd, 2015). His other books include The No-Nonsense Guide to Religion and Digital Revolutions: Activism in the internet age, both published by New Internationalist. He also edited the writings of pacifists from the first world war for the White Feather Diaries, a Quaker-run online storytelling project.

In 2011, Symon walked from Birmingham to London as a pilgrimage of repentance for his former homophobia. In 2013, he was arrested along with four other Christians after they blocked one of the entrances to the London arms fair by kneeling in prayer. They were later found Not Guilty of aggravated trespass. He joined the staff of the Peace Pledge Union in April 2016, having first become a member when he was seventeen in 1994.

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White Poppies Don't 'Indoctrinate' Children, They Open Up Debate

White poppies represent a commitment to peace. Most people will say they want peace, but if we really want it, we must work for it harder than we work for war. So we have no shame in saying that a white poppy demonstrates a belief in campaigning for peace and against war.
16/10/2017 17:34 BST

Footballers Will Be Allowed To Wear Red Poppies. Will They Be Allowed Not To?

We have a choice when it comes to poppies. We have rights to freedom of expression because our ancestors campaigned for these rights (not because they were handed down to us by the establishment). We can maintain those rights only if we continue to exercise them, despite the massive social pressure to follow the establishment line. The language of "not political" is only one more aspect of the pressure to conform.
26/09/2017 11:37 BST

Cameron Wants Us to Remember Jesus' Birth - But Not His Life

David Cameron has just released his Christmas message, calling on us to mark the birth of Jesus and to remember those who are hungry or lonely at Christmas. I find Cameron's message hard to stomach. David Cameron speaks of the meaning of Jesus even as his government wages class war on the poor and pursues endless war in the Middle East.
24/12/2015 11:10 GMT

The Best Way to Honour the Dead is to Resist War

So let's follow George Evans' example. Let's remember all the victims of war, military and civilian, of all nationalities. And let's honour them in the best way we can: by working to prevent war, and to resist militarism, in the present and the future.
20/10/2015 11:40 BST

The UK Establishment Always Bows to Saudi Arabia - as I Know From Experience

According to news reports, David Cameron has cancelled a deal to supply prison services to Saudi Arabia. Frankly, I don't believe it. At least, I don't believe that Cameron has stood up to the Saudi regime. If the prison deal has been cancelled, I am sure the Saudis have been offered something else instead.
13/10/2015 14:47 BST

Corbyn Should Stick to His Guns on Defence Policy

Life's been rather scary over the last week, as David Cameron has warned that Labour's new leadership poses a threat to "our nation's security, our economic security and your family's security"...
21/09/2015 11:35 BST

Unlike His Opponents, Corbyn Would Lead a Real Opposition

Corbyn would lead real attempts to defeat government policies in Parliament. While Cooper, Burnham or even Kendall might do so occasionally, their abstentions in the recent welfare vote reveal their general caution. How much opposition would they really be leading?
19/08/2015 17:47 BST