Thomas Woodham Smith

Independent dealer and art advisor, ceo of Woodham-Smith ltd

Life In The Arts Lane - Week 103- The changes wrought by age and time

I have started to notice and be upset by changes I see around me. I wonder whether this is like a new form of puberty, a phase we all go through when we hit a certain age. For all my life, up to now, I have celebrated and been eager to embrace the new and the innovative.
28/03/2015 19:55 GMT

Life In The Arts Lane - Week 97 - Memorial in Amsterdam

Within a trice we were driving through France towards Belgium. The boys had been at a party the night before and so they slept. In addition my musical taste is not theirs so whilst they dozed I was not allowed to listen to music, as my choices would have been too toxic.
17/12/2014 00:49 GMT

Life In The Arts Lane - Week 95 - Normal for Norfolk

Passing Norwich we toyed with visiting the dealer come carp enthusiast Richard Cranmer but he declined our visit. He is one of those dealers who have rooms of charming and sellable material but none of it is for sale.
21/11/2014 18:02 GMT