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Tom Copley

Labour member of the London Assembly and City Hall Labour Housing Spokesperson

We Must Stop Developers Vandalising Our Pubs

Many pubs are important parts of the communities they serve, and every pub is different. If a pub closes its doors forever then its distinctiveness, atmosphere and character are lost forever. Just because there may be another pub down the road doesn't mean it will be an adequate replacement.
21/04/2015 18:13 BST

Out of Control Property Prices: A Serious Threat to London's Economy

Despite London's housing crisis being one of the black marks on Boris Johnson's mayoral legacy, the key to making housing in our capital more affordable is straightforward and widely agreed - to increase supply and ensure this supply is genuinely affordable to your average person.
28/08/2014 15:23 BST

A 21st Century Scandal

There is no more visible and tragic sign of the failure of housing policy than people sleeping rough on our streets. It is a scandal that in the twenty-first century, in one of the richest cities in the world, there are people still forced to sleep rough on London's streets.
28/11/2012 15:00 GMT

Right to Buy?

It was hardly a surprise when a Tory housing minister in a Tory-led government announced that he was to reanimate the corpse of right to buy. Once again, reassurances have been given that each home sold will be replaced. Yet the devil is as always in the detail.
21/09/2012 08:13 BST