Tomo Taka

Writer covering design and architecture

Tomo Taka is a writer covering design and architecture

Present-Day Berlin Is Building Itself on the Scars of History

Reminders of World War II present themselves everywhere in Berlin. A brick line twists throughout the city's roads indicating where the Berlin Wall once stood. Checkpoint Charlie, a crossing point between the East and West, remains intact and one of the city's most popular tourist hotspots.
11/03/2015 15:58 GMT

Google Glass, Bluetooth Handsfree and Where Bad Design Becomes Good

There are similarities between Glass and Bluetooth handsfree devices. Both sit on the ear and occupy headspace. Glass takes voice commands while the handsfree headset's sole use comes via vocal conversation. Both require the certain awkwardness of talking to an absent being.
17/03/2014 15:05 GMT