Tony Schumacher

Writer, stand-up who does odd bits of radio and TV... very odd

Tony Schumacher is sitting here, on the outskirts Liverpool, England, wondering if he should write his author profile in the third person or not. He thinks that maybe if he writes in the third person it may make him sound like he has an assistant who does this sort of thing, but in truth, he just has a dog, and the dog (Boo, in case you ever meet him and want to say "hello") is rubbish at typing.

Born in Liverpool at the end of the sixties (it looks like he has decided the third person thing is worth sticking with) he found himself missing out on all the fun stuff and having to grow up wearing flares and lots of brown nylon.

He attended schools of varying degrees of dampness and peeling paint and left, finally, in 1983 to huge sighs of relief all around. He has presented the odd piece for the BBC Politics Show but now they don't return his calls due to him being a diva and also being rubbish. He can often be heard on local radio, unless you are quick with the off button and his website is here and his blog Rear View Mirror is here.

He has written a book entitled Rear View Mirror which recounts his time working as a cab driver on the streets of Liverpool of a night (better than it sounds honest) and also has published several short stories for the kindle via Amazon.

He does not drive a Ferrari and is not related to Michael and you will not be the first person who has thought of that joke.

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