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Torie Robinson

Global Epilepsy Ambassador | Social Media Marketer | Public Speaker

Torie Robinson is an international epilepsy ambassador, social media manager, blogger and public speaker. Based in London, Torie travels for business and pleasure. Working with both Epilepsy Action (awarded Media Volunteer of the Year 2017) and Epilepsy Western Australia, Torie spreads epilepsy education globally. Speaking at the upcoming Neurology event: 4th International Conference on Epilepsy & Treatment in Zurich, and frequently live on 100.9fm Noongar Radio in Australia, Torie is also one to often volunteer with Epilepsy Action. Torie's blog is a platform designed to educate and laugh (where possible), featuring individuals diagnosed with epilepsy, friends, family, professionals (such as Neurologists) and occassionally, herself!
Bringing Epilepsy To The

Bringing Epilepsy To The Forefront

<img alt="everybody banner" src="" width="300" height="35" /> I was delighted to see the video go live. At the time of writing, we've had over 248,000 views of the video - which is brilliant. It was such fun filming and it was great to be able to help educate viewers. Hopefully this media coverage will continue help to reduce the irrational fear of epilepsy and consequently, the discrimination and awkwardness that some people with the condition still face.
31/07/2017 16:11 BST