Vicky Frankland

Blogger, Freelance Writer, Dress Addict

Vicky is a blogger and freelance writer. She is passionate about promoting body confidence and happiness in who you are; whatever size or shape you may be. She is a dress addict who loves fashion and is never knowingly under dressed.

Five Tips When Starting A Blog

Blogging is ideal stepping stone for someone who is interested in writing. Whether you want to do it as a part time hobby, or you have plans to write full time and make a living out of it, we all tend to start in the same ways.
31/08/2016 10:57 BST

Ugly Mugs

It is so important that these smaller charities receive exposure too as they vitally need funding as well. With this in mind, today I want to highlight a charity called "National Ugly Mugs" which aims at protecting sex workers from violent offenders.
24/04/2015 10:38 BST

A PC World

The emergence of modern technology such as smart phones, laptops, tablets and with those, twenty four hour access to the internet has added to our lives in so many different ways. The internet has turned a very large world into something much more intimate. People are on hand at any point of the day.
24/12/2014 04:29 GMT

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

One thing that we are often told is that we always should strive to be better and in many ways, I agree. Working hard to progress your career, creating goals and attaining them; developing your personality and the way you treat others; all of these things are beneficial to you.
27/11/2014 15:30 GMT

Learned Prejudice

By the time a child reaches secondary school, they have begun to learn the rules that will help them to survive their time at school. Fitting in with everyone else is encouraged and the child is advised not to give people a reason to pick on them. If you are fat, lose weight; if you are shy, be more outgoing; if you are loud, be quieter...
04/11/2014 16:25 GMT

You're Not Fat, You're Beautiful

The word fat only has a negative association to it if you allow it to. If you call someone fat as an insult, that says more about you as a person than it does anything else. I believe that we need to tell people when we hear this kind of unconscious fat shaming, whether the comment is coming from a place of malice or genuinely wanting to be nice.
25/09/2014 12:15 BST

Response to the Obesity Study

There have been many articles in the newspapers over the past week; all centered a new study from the University of London, which involved data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. After 4 days of looking at a group of nearly 3000 adults over the age of 50 this study has discovered that fat shaming does not help people lose weight.
17/09/2014 11:56 BST

Plus Confidence

A woman stopped me at the bus station on my way in to work last week. She wanted to tell me that she often saw me passing by, always loved what I was wearing and was curious as to where I bought my clothes. She brightened up what had started out as another depressing Monday morning I can tell you.
09/09/2014 14:51 BST

Spy Benefits?

One day you meet someone. They are interested in getting to know you, interested in your job; your hobbies; what your pastimes are. You take a liking to them and them to you and gradually, you end up forming a relationship.
26/08/2014 12:37 BST

Comments of an MRA

The comments section of any online newspaper, group or forum is something that I am drawn to when I read an article or piece that interests me. Because it is the internet people tend to say exactly what think, without recourse or fear that the people they know in real life would find out what they truly believe. This opens up a pass to be completely honest which has both its up and downsides.
20/08/2014 15:08 BST

The Darker Side of Fat Shaming

There are other beliefs out there too however and these are the ones that I want to discuss today; specifically in relation to fat women. The kind of beliefs I am talking about are the darker side of the fat hating culture; the kind that people, men in the most part but also women, do not admit exist. So what are they?
18/08/2014 13:44 BST