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Victoria Sbraga

Mummy. Wife. Teacher. Blogger.

I’m Victoria. Mummy to Violetta, wife to my Italian hubby, business owner, teacher, crafter, cook and most recently – blogger! I live in the beautiful Royal Borough of Greenwich but spend a lot of time in the quintessentially English Kent countryside. I sometimes find that life throws out some really tough times. I’m the last person in the world to let them get me down, so I thought I’d put some of my positivity into a blog and see how I go! I’m hoping that this will focus me towards all the ‘sparkly linings’ of the clouds that sometimes hover and prove to be a positive place for anyone to spend some time. Being a first time Mum can have it’s highs and lows too, so I’ll try to make this a helpful space for any Mamas out there having a read. I hope you'll enjoy getting to know us through my posts about our life, parenting, things to do in SE London and Kent and my forays in the kitchen!

An Open Letter To My Daughter

You are truly beautiful. Inside and out. Some people will say this doesn't matter, some will say it's all that matters. For me, it is important that you know I believe you to be perfect. I want you to be confident in yourself and feel certain that no matter where you go or who you face, you are enough. In every single way. 
12/07/2017 13:48 BST

The Reality Of Life With A Reflux-y Baby

In pretty much every photo we have, she's wearing a bib of some description! Why? Because she is sick at least 12 times a day, often more! Don't get me wrong, it's innocent baby sick - just milk coming back up - but oh my is it a pain!
16/05/2017 11:50 BST