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William Bell

Christian Aid Policy and Advocacy Officer

William Bell works for Christian Aid with their Middle East programme on developing policy and related advocacy strategies regarding the Israeli Palestinian conflict, especially on the impact that occupation and conflict have on poverty and human rights. This includes research and report writing and lobbying the UK and Irish governments on their policies towards the peace process. William regularly visits Israel, the occupied Palestinian territory and Lebanon. He has a degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies in Politics and History.
Without Hope Peace Is a Meaningless

Without Hope Peace Is a Meaningless Process

What we are currently witnessing is the result of entrenched raw hostility which has been allowed to deepen chiefly due to a refusal to tackle impunity. Palestinians exist in ever decreasing circles while the Israeli Government acts as if expansion is critical for the state's survival.
16/10/2015 16:13 BST
Where Will 'Hell' Strike

Where Will 'Hell' Strike Next?

The Middle East today is in a perilous condition, with violent conflict, poverty and large scale displacement increasing. For too long the international community has pursued politics and largely ignored vulnerable communities.
23/04/2015 17:31 BST
The Peace

The Peace Deficit

To bring about the genuine security of both Palestinians and Israelis it is imperative to treat and regard every life as sacred and of equal value. At present there is a vacuum that is in danger of being filled by greater polarisation and more violence. The longer the international community puts off dealing with the root causes of this conflict the harder it will get.
15/12/2014 16:12 GMT
Justice, Rights and the Rule of Law - A Price Worth Paying for

Justice, Rights and the Rule of Law - A Price Worth Paying for Peace?

In this climate, we should be thankful that those international human rights conventions, born out of the horrors of the Second World War, still hold as an ideal and standard to which we should all aspire. It is a sad day when signing up to those standards is regarded as counter to the pursuit of peace.
14/04/2014 11:10 BST
Aid Accompanied by Political Will is Critical for Positive

Aid Accompanied by Political Will is Critical for Positive Change

In the short term aid is crucial to address the urgent needs of Palestinians living in poverty. However, it is essential to tackle the root causes of the problem and challenge the structures that keep people trapped in poverty and create the need for aid in the first place. This requires strong political will and conviction.
04/10/2012 10:20 BST